Big Sky

It’s been six long years since Taylor Young has stepped foot back into her hometown of Prosperity, Montana. When she left years ago, she vowed she would never come back no matter what happened. It seems that she kept that promise too. When her sister, Jamie, died unexpectedly two months ago, because of the pain Taylor harbored against Jamie sleeping with her husband years ago, Taylor didn’t even return to Slash Y Ranch to pay her last respects. In her eyes, her sister was a piece of dirt for what she did and she felt that Jamie didn’t deserve a decent goodbye in return. If she never returned to the ranch again, she’d be quite fine with that.

That is until Will, her stepfather, calls and begs Taylor to return home because her mother isn’t faring well mentally, physically and emotionally since Jamie’s death. He tells her that her mom has taken a nasty fall and broken her hip because she’s been drinking too much lately. Taylor reluctantly agrees to visit Slash Y Ranch, but it’ll only be for a few days then she’s returning to her wonderful, happy life she has built up for herself in Los Angeles.

When Taylor arrives back in Prosperity, things don’t go as planned and soon everything will be turned upside down for her. From meeting this handsome, sexy cowboy named Brett Austin and realizing that she’s feeling things for him that she shouldn’t be, to finding out that her mother believes Jamie didn’t commit suicide, but feels that she was murdered- Taylor knows she’s in way too deep.

Is Taylor able to find out the truth if Jamie either committed suicide or was murdered by someone close to her? During Taylor’s stay at Slash Y Ranch, what happens between her and Brett? After this visit, does she decide to never return back to visit her family again? Or could this be the beginning of mending broken fences with them and starting a new life for herself back in Prosperity?

Ms. Coverstone has outdone herself with her newest story. From the very first page she pulled me in and took me on an emotional roller coaster ride as I turned the pages. Everything that was happening to Taylor I felt myself. The characters were truly believable and I found myself forgetting that they were only fictitious and not real people I was totally relating to. As the story unfolded, I couldn’t wait to find out the truth if Jamie had taken her own life or if someone had taken it for her. If you’re in the market for a Contemporary Western story with a hint of suspense and paranormal activity, this book is the perfect match for you. I highly recommend this book and I’m adding it to my ever-growing library to enjoy it over and over again.

Book Blurb for Big Sky

Taylor never expected her reluctant homecoming to include a murder, a ghost, and a hunk of a ranch foreman.

Photographer Taylor Young fled to L.A. following her sister's betrayal six years ago. Now Jamie's dead, Mama has broken a hip in a drunken fall, and Taylor's stepfather begs her to return to her family's Montana ranch to make amends.

After a bitter divorce, Brett Austin, foreman of the Slash Y Ranch, believes horses are more of a sure thing than women. But the boss's daughter changes all that when she sets his heart bucking like a wild bronc.

When Taylor's mother insists Jamie's death was not suicide--a theory confirmed by Jamie's ghost--Taylor wonders who could have wanted her sister dead. With a list of suspects as long as her camera strap, Taylor needs an ally. Could that person be a tall drink of water in a cowboy hat?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 5.00