Beyond The Red Door

The Red Door, #2

In this second book in the Red Door series, we find teenager Jesse Miller deciding to throw a party at the Starke house for his friends. The day he picks turns out to be the fiftieth anniversary to when teenager Max Jensen entered the house and was killed. Jesse wants to do a ritual to raise the dead to entertain his friends and fellow classmates while everyone is at the party. The only problem is things don’t go as well as he anticipates. Ms. James has a very creative imagination and exceeds at truly scaring the wits out of her readers while reading her stories. Her details are so vivid and her characters are so humanistic that you can see everything play out before you while you’re reading along. My heart was slamming in my chest when Jesse performed the ritual and I started to see that things were quickly getting out of control. I don’t know what would possess anyone to even want to enter the Starke house considering how many murders happened in that house, but Jesse definitely got in way over his head on this little prank he pulled on his friends and classmates. If you’re looking for an author to scare the wits out of you without having to leave your house to go to a theme park or attraction, than Ms. James is definitely the horror author to look into. I highly recommend this story to other readers and hope Ms. James is penning more stories as I write this review.

Teenage Jesse Miller wants to be remembered in his graduating class and he wants to go down in school history so he has to devise a plan to knock everyone’s socks off. He comes up with the idea to throw a party on the anniversary of when many people lost their lives in the Starke house- September 9th. Coincidentally, the last life claimed in this very house was teenager Max Jensen fifty years ago to the day. During the party, Jesse is going to perform a mock ritual to raise the dead. He figures that will scare his friends and classmates enough to gain the title he’s looking for at his high school. Unfortunately though, things don’t go anywhere close to as they were planned and chaos ensues. Does Jesse raise anyone from the dead during his mock ritual? What happens when he completes this ritual? Does everyone make it out of the Starke house alive?

Book Blurb for Beyond The Red Door

Fifty years to the day Max Jensen walked into the Starke house, Jesse Miller is throwing a party.

Jesse wants to go down in high school history as the kid to remember. Only problem is, he may just get his wish. If he thought throwing a party in the long abandoned house of a serial killer would do it, then he would be right. But what happens that night at the old Starke house isn’t something you want to remember…not if you ever want to sleep again. Performing a mock ceremony to raise Starke from the dead proves to be a mistake of monumental proportion. And by the time Jesse realizes he is in over his head, he must now worry about keeping that same head on his shoulders.

What would you do if the only way out was to go Beyond the Red Door…into the very mouth of hell?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 5.00