Beulah the Bull

When forty-year-old Susan Ann Jones loses her job, she decides to take a step back to assess her life. The best thing for her to do right now is to start fresh and simplify things for herself. Susan decides to place a bid on a piece of property in her native Arizona never really imagining that her bid would be the winning one. Unfortunately, she never even set sights on the property until she packs her dog and herself up and goes to claim her new land. It is during this time that her life takes some drastic turns and one of them is meeting Beulah the British White Bull that wants to be her friend. Does Susan settle in or is this the biggest mistake of her life moving onto these five acres of land? In the process of getting to know each other, what does Beulah teach Susan?

This was one of those animal stories that pulls you right in from the very beginning and takes you on an exciting journey along the way. I was so glad that Susan decided to step out of her comfort zone by placing the bid on the five acres of property in Arizona. To me, it was a completely fresh start for her and along the way, Beulah made the journey worthwhile for all of them. I love how he bonded with Susan and her dog. This story had plenty of heartwarming moments, along with many laugh-out-loud one that will entertain any reader who picks this book up. I’d definitely recommend this uplifting story and I look forward to reading more by this author in the near future.

Book Blurb for Beulah the Bull

Susan Ann Jones created the perfect, self-sufficient world for herself. She's organized, unattached, childless, and has worked in the same business office for twenty-two years. She's the only child of devout Catholics, but does just fine without spirituality. It's when her life hits a wall---her company is outsourced the same week she turns forty---that she concludes she’s disappointed herself and everyone else by not extending herself more. In a depressed mood late one night, she goes against well-ordered character and lowballs a bid on five acres of vacant ranch land in her native state of Arizona. Times being what they are, she's shocked a few days later to learn her bid was accepted! For the escape she throws herself into “the mistake” and decides to go camping. Yet, it’s here that God will tell her how much she means to Him by sending a unique angel: Beulah, a British White Bull raised by a little girl who died of cancer and whose father became a minister after her loss. With a funny and touching style, Susan tells her story of blossoming faith in herself, in others, and especially in things known only to the soul.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 5.00