Bed, Breakfast, and Beyond

When I read the blurb and found out that it was a Paranormal Romance, I knew I wanted to review it. At first, when I began reading the actual story, there didn’t seem to be anything going on in Corrie’s bed and breakfast that would remotely appear to have been paranormal in nature. I was so happy though, when ghost hunter, Ben, showed up and was looking to do some research on the inn for the final chapter in his ghost book. It was at this point that the story picked up because of Ben’s presence and strange, unexplainable things started happening to both Corrie and him. I really enjoyed getting to know these two and I found myself helplessly hoping for something to start between them since there was an immediate attraction to each other. The author did a wonderful job with the storyline and she kept me eagerly turning the pages to see what happened next. This was an enjoyable story that I would recommend to other paranormal readers.

Corrie has inherited her family’s rundown house and has decided to renovate it into a bed and breakfast since losing her computer system analyst job just recently. It seems to have some history attached to the beloved house, but up to this point no one has ever seen any evidence of ghosts residing there. That is until ghost hunter, Ben, pays a visit in hopes of catching some evidence and using it as a closing chapter in the ghost hunting book he’s writing. But nothing seems to go as planned for Corrie and Ben and it seems that maybe this trip is going to be more of a total waste of time for him than he thinks. Once strange things start happening, they hope that the very history of the place will start telling its own story through any ghosts that might make an appearance to them. Does Ben get the chance to devote the last chapter of his book to some ghost hauntings happening in Corrie’s bed and breakfast? Do Corrie and Ben act on the attraction they have for each other?

Book Blurb for Bed, Breakfast, and Beyond

When Corrie Wallace turns her family’s old summer home into a bed and breakfast inn, she expects there may be problems. She doesn’t expect sexy, ghost hunter, Ben Hamilton, nor does she plan to deal with two amorous ghosts who need help taking care of the unfinished business that keeps them earthbound.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00