Bake It Like You Mean It

Gorgeous Cakes from Inside Out

Ms. Bullock-Prado did an amazing job with this cake cookbook. This was no ordinary cookbook either. This was steps above just making a cake straight out of the box by those popular companies that can be found in any local supermarket. Instead, this book can be considered the next wave in making, baking and building cakes that are masterpieces from the inside out. Ms. Bullock-Prado took the time explaining why having the right fresh ingredients and the correct tools in the kitchen can help you make an ordinary cake turn into an extraordinary one for any occasion during the year. She detailed every step needed and even added plenty of tips along the way to help you bake the best cakes ever.

Although I haven’t had the opportunity to try to bake one of these delicious looking cakes myself, I do plan on baking one as soon as I can. My only problem is trying to find some of the special ingredients in the small country town I live in. Once I do though, I plan on testing some of these recipes out. In this cookbook, the author shares recipes under varying categories such as: Airy & Marvelous Meringues; Light & Scrumptious Sponge Cakes; Rich & Decadent Butter and Pound Cakes; Smooth & Creamy Cheesecakes and Mousse Cakes and lastly Springy & Yummy Yeasties. If you’re in search of additional help with any of the recipes offered, you can go to: to get more pointers. If you’re in the mood to try other cookbooks offered by this publisher, go to: and see the wide selection of cookbooks they have available for purchase.

Book Blurb for Bake It Like You Mean It

Gesine Bullock-Prado says it’s what’s inside that really counts, and in this visually sumptuous book, the author of Sugar Baby and Pie it Forward showcases cakes that are beautiful from the inside out. Each chapter is devoted to a technique of making different types of cake, beginning with the easiest recipe and moving to the more technically difficult as the chapter progresses. When the cakes are cut, they will reveal intricate layers of patterns and designs, such as hearts, checkerboards, helixes, and colorful stripes, that will bring a smile to everyone who enjoys them. This compendium of gorgeous cake recipes and techniques will yield glorious meringues, sponge cakes, pound cakes, cheesecakes, and tarts for all levels of bakers. With her trademark wit and enthusiasm for the world of confections and baking, Gesine’s latest book will delight her fans.

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