Baby Lon's Revisited

Mike decides that he's heading for a few days to his sister's house in North Carolina for the Christmas holiday. The day after the holiday, he heads into the local pub, Lon's Pub and Cue, to grab a beer and relax a bit. While he's hanging out, he sees a girl coming in from the miserable weather outside and there seems to be something familiar about her.

Sandy decides to head into the local pub for something to drink and to get out of the cold, snowy weather. When she walks in she sees a guy that she recognizes from when they were in high school together, although they were a year apart from one another. They start talking and hit it off so well that she asks him out for later that night. She wants to go around the neighborhood looking at all the Christmas light displays later on and she'd like him to come with her.

Both feel something is sparking between them, but the question is do they act upon it?

I thought Mr. Potter wrote a really good, heartwarming story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I liked the characters that he developed and I had hoped that something would come from the attraction that both Mike and Sandy were feeling for each other. This is a short story that can fit very nicely into anyone's hectic schedule. Nice work, Mr. Potter!

Book Blurb for Baby Lon's Revisited

24 pages

Sandy and Mike both left this small town in North Carolina years before and now, home for the holidays, they meet and connect. They both feel a magnetic pull toward the other, but will it last? Is it real and worth pursuing? What happens when two lonely people visit home during Christmas in a snowbound small town? 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.00