Angel Song

Christmas Holiday Extravaganza

Ms. Manners doesn’t disappoint with this newest Christmas short story. I loved both Quinn Sanders and Jason Graves. The author molded them to be everyday people that everyone can relate to quite easily. I felt so bad for Quinn because it seemed every time she got over one hurdle, another one was just around the bend waiting for her. I especially loved her five and a half year old daughter, Linsey, and thought she was so adorable. When Jason entered the picture and he started helping Quinn and Linsey out, I knew he’d make a perfect match for Quinn and her daughter. If you’re in the market for an enjoyable, feel good holiday story, you shouldn’t look any further. I highly recommend this one and know you’ll enjoy it as much as I did!

Quinn Sanders is down on her luck and is just trying to make the best of the situation by taking care of her and her daughter. When she meets Jason Graves, there is an immediate spark that can’t be denied between them. With a whole lot of Christmas spirit and a small miracle sprinkled here and there, these two find a friendship in each other that helps them both get through some dark times from their pasts. Since they’re around each other so much, does their friendship blossom into something more?

Book Blurb for Angel Song

Down on her luck, college-educated art teacher Quinn Sanders is a single mom who's returned to Landers Hollow to raise her five-year-old daughter, Linsey. While working at the local diner, Quinn is befriended by Jason Graves. She has no idea Jason's the youth director of Landers Hollow Community Church until he asks her to lend a hand with the children's Christmas pageant.

Jason is dealing with issues of his own--a painful divorce following a doctor's confirmation that he'll never be able to father a child. Jason longs for a family of his own, but, rejected and disheartened, fears it may never come to pass.

Jason and Quinn are both searching for a Christmas miracle. What they find is sweeter than an angel's song.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 5.00