Amelia Bedelia's First Valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day and Amelia Bedelia is very anxious to celebrate it with her family and her friends at school. She worked hard making Valentine’s card for everyone in her class and can’t wait to hand them out during the party her teacher is throwing the class tomorrow.

She’s excited when she wakes up on Valentine’s morning and hurries through her routine so she can get on the school bus and head to school. Right after lunch her teacher starts the Valentine party. Everyone hands out their Valentine cards, but poor Amelia realizes she left them on her school bus.

She’s gone out of her way to prepare a special card for everyone in her class. She can’t wait until each of her classmates reads the card she made them and she can’t wait to read the cards they made for her too. But there’s a bump in the road that Amelia must face when she realizes that she forgot her Valentine’s Day card on the bus. What is she to do now?

I really liked Amelia Bedelia and I found her to be a fun, energetic little girl who loves taking things literally all the time. I felt so bad for her when she realized that she forgot her Valentine cards for her classmates on the morning bus. This is definitely a fun book that I think your child would really enjoy and it’s well worth adding to your child’s ever-growing library!

What is Amelia to do now? Does she come up with something else to give her friends?

I found this book to be quite adorable in how it was written by Herman Paris and illustrated by Lynne Avril. Amelia is a cute little girl who gets along well with everyone. Since I don’t have children, this was my first exposure to Amelia Bedelia and I absolutely love her to death. This is a perfect story to read to your child or even have them read it aloud during story time.  Through Amelia’s actions she shows she has good values and was brought up well by her family. This is definitely a story you shouldn’t pass up for your child!

Book Blurb for Amelia Bedelia's First Valentine

Amelia Bedelia—she’ll grow on you!

Amelia Bedelia is sure she will love everything about Valentine’s Day: The sweet surprises Making cards Celebrating at school Fizzy pink punch A big family hug

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00