Alex, The West Nile Horse

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Alex, The West Nile Horse

I found this to be a very compelling and heartwarming story of how a sick horse who contracted the most debilitating form of West Nile, which caused his brain encephalitis, barely pulled through and found comfort in this author and her daughter. Alex was a lost soul fighting for his life and thankfully he was able to find a heartfelt connection to both these kind animal lovers. I felt so bad while I was reading the poor effects this debilitating disease caused Alex and I found myself cheering him on as I got further into his rehabilitation. He seemed like a true fighter and I’m so glad that strong spirit of his carried him through so he could enjoy many more days, months and years ahead of him. What an inspirational story this was and I’ll definitely recommend it to all my horse and animal loving friends.

When Ms. Klosterman decides to take Alex as her own horse, she doesn’t realize exactly what she is getting herself into and just how involved his rehabilitation is going to be. With plenty of love, patience and compassion, slowly Alex and Ms. Klosterman form a bond that will forever leave an imprint on both their lives. Does Alex make strides in his rehabilitation to allow him to live a good life after his debilitating illness? Where is Alex now?

Book Blurb for Alex, The West Nile Horse

This is the true story of Alex who originally bred to be a championship American Saddlebred show horse is judged a failure at the young age of two and is subsequently banished by his trainer to the land of the cowboys at a rural Arizona desert barn. As an unwanted rescue within a few short months he contracts the most debilitating form of West Nile in which he suffers from severe brain encephalitis and is not expected to recover. Miraculously, he survives and his story truly begins as he struggles against traumatic brain injury. He desperately seeks out the help of a reluctant, middle-aged horse owner. He picks her to save him. Yet his rehabilitation is a challenge she may not be equipped to handle. She develops her own unorthodox methods to bring him back from the effects of his brush with death with sometimes mixed results. This story provides several surprises along the way as it reaches its unexpected ending. Written in the first person and covering an 18 month period, the book provides a unique horse training perspective, coupled with a view into the realities of rescue horse ownership in today's west. It also shares the struggle of a middle-age woman who is making a transition of her own. The compelling story is funny, sad, informative, heartwarming and provocative.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00