Across the Winds of Time

Molly and her sister, Sara, are on a quest to find out more about their ancestors. The best way for them to do this is to take a little vacation scouring cemeteries in Iowa to see if they can find any of their deceased relatives. As they stop in one cemetery, they already know that none of their ancestors are on record there, but something draws Molly to walk it anyway. As she's reading the headstones, she feels this intense pull toward one of them. After closer inspection, she can only make out that the person was 28 years old, exactly how old Molly is. The sad part is, because the stone is so weatherworn, she can't make out the person's name. Once she and her sister walk the entire cemetery, they decide to leave and head back to their hotel room.

Something about this cemetery leaves an unsettled feeling in the pit of Molly's stomach. Without a clear reason as to why she decides to go back there in the morning to do some more searching by herself. When she arrives the next day, she meets up with a gentleman named Darius and somehow he already knows her name. In fact, he claims that he knows her very well, but that's impossible because Molly has never seen this man before. As they begin to discuss this situation further, Molly begins to realize that she feels some magnetic pull to Darius, but she has no idea why she would feel that way since he's a complete stranger. Or is he?

Who is this Darius fellow and how does he claim to know Molly? Who was the deceased person that Molly found out was the same age as her? Do Molly and Sara successfully find out more information about their family history during their mini vacation?

I have to say that Ms. McBride has outdone herself yet again. I love her creative storylines and her well developed characters. She created such an engrossing story that I found myself hanging onto her every word and I eagerly couldn't wait to see what happened next for Molly, Sara and Darius. The author knows what readers look for in a great story and she surely delivers it each and every time. I highly recommend this story and look forward to seeing what else she might be releasing soon. Don't pass this one up!

Book Blurb for Across the Winds of Time

When Molly Hamilton and her sister embark on a genealogical ancestral research journey through the Midwest, she never expected to buy a 100-year-old Victorian house in the middle of a cornfield and fall in love with the house’s owner...the original owner, that is.

Darius Ferguson has no idea how he has come to present day Iowa. The last thing he knew, the year was 1880, and he had just buried his fiancee, who happens to look exactly like Molly.

In spite of being drawn to him, Molly thinks Darius is just a little bit unhinged. Darius wonders if he died and didn’t cross over. Both of them wonder if time travel is possible. If it is, will love be enough to build a future together?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 5.00