A Shy Woman in Love

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A Shy Woman in Love

Will Travel For Romance, #1

At first, I felt that Cassie Ferguson was way too shy for my taste, but as I kept turning the pages, Ms. McBride didn’t disappoint in Cassie’s character development. I started seeing a braver, more outgoing side to Cassie, even though it was in baby steps and that made me happy. I did realize though, that the more Cassie was outgoing, the more she seemed to question her overall place in different crowded situations that presented themselves to her. I loved how she was immediately attracted to Jay, a handsome fellow that was partaking in the same vacation package that Cassie was. I wanted her to come out of her shell more to get to know him better, but I understood why she was so hesitant every time they were close to each other. They both seemed extremely attracted to each other and I felt that it was a good thing for the both of them. I loved the twist that the author threw in where Cassie was surprised by a visitor showing up while vacationing in Europe. I never saw it coming and it just added more tension to Cassie’s already confusing situation. This was one book I couldn’t put down until I finished it. I highly recommend this story!

Cassie Ferguson is excited, but reluctant, to go on a European vacation by herself. She’s been through quite a bit of turmoil in her life and she just feels that she needs an escape from it all. Planning to go to Europe seems like the best way to get away while enjoying the beautiful sights. Ironically, she never plans on meeting one of the fellow vacationers right there in the same airport. She seems to be instantly attracted to this man while waiting for their plane to whisk them away to their European vacation. Once they get to their destination, sparks seem to really fly between her and this gentleman named Jay. Sadly though, once they start getting to know each other, things don’t go as well as they had hoped. Do Cassie and Jay ever get to talk about what’s going on between them? Do they decide to take a shot at a relationship together? Who is the visitor who surprises Cassie while she’s on vacation?

Book Blurb for A Shy Woman in Love

Shy Cassie, recovering from a failed relationship, throws caution to the winds and embarks on a fast-paced group tour of Europe. Although she's in no mood for men, she can't help but fall under the spell of the only single man on the tour, handsome attorney Jay, along with all the other ladies. Jay has eyes only for Cassie, if Cassie would just give him a chance. Through the romantic cities of Rome, Venice, Lucerne, Paris and London, Jay attempts to pursue the shy woman, with the help of the matchmaking tour members. Until her "failed relationship" shows up, that is, begging her to take him back.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 5.00