A Risk Worth Taking

Red River Series, #1

I really enjoyed this book and felt that Ms. James penned her characters to be real people that her readers would have no problem relating to if they were flesh and blood. My heart was elated when I read that Holly Carrington was getting ready to face her big promotion in the interior design company she worked for in Toronto. Everything was finally falling into place for her after six years of preparing for this joyous moment. That all seemed to change though when she received the devastating call that her sister and brother-in-law had died in a car crash. If that wasn’t enough to shatter anyone’s world, now add to the mix that she was the only living relative remaining and she had immediately been thrust into becoming her six month old niece’s guardian. Holly knew nothing about raising an infant, but she was determined to learn as she went along. Picking up the pieces was extremely difficult to do, but Holly decided that she’d return to her grandparents’ home in Red River, which was now her sister and brother-in-law’s home, and she’d have it renovated so she can sell it. Not looking forward to facing what she originally ran away from in her town, Holly knew she had to sell the house to provide a trust fund for the baby. Of course, no story is ever complete without having a drop-dead gorgeous hero character in it. After Holly returned, she knew that if the renovations were going to be done correctly she needed to hire only the best home renovator- Quinn Manning. He was the very man who had rejected Holly’s advances years ago. I loved this storyline, the character development was believable and the journey that Quinn, Holly and Ella took was heartwarming to say the least. I definitely recommend this book and I look forward to seeing what the other Red River books have in store for us.

Holly Carrington has finally made it to where she wants to be in her career as an interior designer, but that all changes when she receives a tragic phone call explaining that her sister and brother-in-law have been killed in a car crash. Her only remaining relative is her sister’s infant, Ella. Being thrown into parental guardianship is no easy task, but just as she was determined to get to where she is today in her career, she knows she must grasp at that same determination again in order to provide for her baby niece. The first thing she must do is renovate the home she grew up in that was owned by her grandparents’ years ago. Though having to return to Red River isn’t the easiest of pills to swallow because it’s bringing back all the feelings and memories of why she left in the first place. That reason being having to face Quinn Manning again, the man who just so happens to now be the best home renovator in town. Quinn broke her heart many years ago and she isn’t really ready to see him again. She decides to hire him anyway and realizes seeing him is bringing back all those feelings she’s buried, along with some new ones. What happens when Quinn accepts the job and begins spending quite a bit of time at the house? Is there hope for these two lost souls even though years have passed? What happens when Holly and Quinn start discussing what happened between them many years ago?

Book Blurb for A Risk Worth Taking

Interior designer Holly Carrington worked hard for her success. Then tragedy struck, leaving Holly the sole guardian of her infant niece. Now she’s swapped her designer purse for a diaper bag, and is going ahead with plans to renovate—and sell—her childhood home in Red River. But facing her past also means coming face-to-face with Quinn Manning all over again...Quinn was the object of her girlhood crush—and heartbreak— and is more gorgeous than ever. He’s also the only person qualified to oversee the renovation. Now they’re butting heads every step of the way... and their attraction is more electrifying than ever! But once the house is sold, Holly needs to return to her real life. And falling for Quinn all over again is one risk she can’t take...

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 4.50