A Question of Honor

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A Question of Honor

Ms. Ashton penned another great novel which was wrapped around an enjoyable Scottish Historical storyline. Her characters were believably realistic, which in turn made this story a pleasure to read. I feared all along that Tegan's identity would be found out before she procured the relic she was risking her life on finding for her clan. As I turned each page, I found my heart pounding in my chest more frantically as Tegan found her way through the Castle MacDuff. If you're searching for a story with intrigue, romance and plenty of suspense you have definitely stumbled upon a gem of a read with this novel. This author doesn't disappoint with her creative storyline set in beautiful Scotland. Don't pass this one up!

Book Blurb for A Question of Honor

The honorable Clan MacDuff has protected the coveted relic for centuries. When rival Clan MacAlpin discovers the eldest brother of the MacDuff is to take a wife, their scheming materializes in the form of deceit as they kidnap Alick MacDuff's betrothed and send their sister in her place.

Tegan MacAlpin has no choice but to pretend to want to be bride to her blood enemy. But once inside Castle MacDuff she fears her ability to procure the relic before Darius, Alick’s dangerously handsome and highly suspicious younger brother, discovers her treachery. When all is said and done, will she remain loyal to her clan in hopes of claiming her long-sought freedom, or bend to the bidding of a forbidden nemesis? In the end, it all comes down to a question of honor... 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.00