A Puppy for Christmas

In this three book anthology, each story takes us readers on a journey of love set around Christmastime. I have to be honest and say that I enjoyed “The Soldier, the Puppy and Me” by Myrna Mackenzie and “The Patter of Paws at Christmas” by Nikki Logan, but the first story, “On the Secretary’s Christmas List” by Carole Mortimer I just couldn’t get into. I couldn’t connect with the characters and get into the storyline as I had hoped I would. The other two stories, I really enjoyed and I was able to relate to the characters, which in turn, made me really want to get to know them as I was reading their stories. The main theme running throughout all the stories is getting a puppy for Christmas and the love that blossoms between people at the most festive time of year. Although I couldn’t get into Ms. Mortimer’s story, I’m glad I stuck it out and was able to really enjoy the second and third story the book had to offer me. If you are an animal lover like me, it’s worth taking a chance on this Christmas novel.

Book Blurb for A Puppy for Christmas

On the Secretary's Christmas List by Carole Mortimer 

Bree has landed an amazing job, but her new boss is a difficult, unreliable playboy—who is also infuriatingly gorgeous… When Bree looks after Jackson's son and energetic puppy, she realizes what she really wants  this Christmas…. 

The Soldier, the Puppy and Me by Myrna Mackenzie 

Christmas is a difficult time for war hero Trey McFadden and it doesn't help that his neighbour, Ella Delancey, and her adorable puppy, Fizz, seem determined on spreading festive cheer. 

The Patter of Paws at Christmas by Nikki Logan 

Ingrid has to spend Christmas with gorgeous zookeeper Gabriel Marque. They're keeping watch for the zoo's first litter of wild dogs. Will the patter of tiny paws bring them together, this time forever?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 3.50