A Little Christmas Jingle

All Kat Saunders wants for Christmas is to have all her legal matters cleared up regarding the no-kill shelter that she added onto her vet practice. You see, she was so busy expanding her business that she didn’t file the necessary permits she needed to open up the shelter part of her practice. Because of some neighbor complaints, she may very well have to close the no-kill shelter down. Due to the fact of a severely abused pit-bull needing immediate medical attention, she gets to meet handsome Detective Jack Donovan. Sparks fly, but they’re hesitant to start anything between them right now. As they work together on the pit-bull’s case, Jack may very well become the answer to all of Kat’s legal issues. Does something more come from their working relationship? Does Jingle, the pit-bull, pull through?

I absolutely adored this Christmas-themed story. The characters were very relatable, the storyline was believable and the chemistry between Kat and Jack was sizzling hot. I found myself pulling for Jingle and hoping that Jack found his abusers and put them in jail for the horrific crime they committed. Right from the start, I wanted Kat and Jack to test the waters with each other. If you’re looking for an enjoyable Christmas story to start your holiday season off right, than you definitely should look into this novel.

Book Blurb for A Little Christmas Jingle

Kat Saunders needs a Christmas miracle. She’s expanded her vet practice to include a no-kill shelter, and she forgot to get the required permits. Now that a few neighbors have complained and she’s been summoned to court, she could lose everything she has worked for. When a gorgeous detective comes to her with an abused pit-bull, she does everything she can to save the puppy and soon realizes that brooding Jack Donovan might just be the answer to her legal woes.Jack, or Mr. December to fans of the Sexy Public Servants Charity Calendar, hates Christmas. As head of St. Louis’s first Animal Cruelty Task Force, Jack has seen the worst in people, especially around the holidays. But one sexy vet is getting under his skin with her tireless holiday cheer, intent on proving to him that there is Christmas magic in the air…

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 5.00