A History of the World with Google Earth

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A History of the World with Google Earth

History for the Digital Age - Online and on the Page

In this enjoyable children’s history hands-on workbook, the author cleverly gives children coordinates of varying places that have some significance throughout history. Traveling to places like Ancient Egypt, Turkey, Germany and many other historical places, she offers the reader the coordinates you must enter in the Google Earth program so you land right in the heart of the country you’re going to do a little research in. Once you arrive at your destination, she has you searching out specific locations that will help you answers trivia questions, which in turn, will provide a number that will serve as a coordinate the reader will log. The child is than to enter the numbers into Google Earth to discover a mystery location the author wants you to travel to when you reach the end of the book. What is the mystery location the author wants you to travel to?

As an adult, I really enjoyed playing around with Google Earth and traveling around the world with a front seat view of things was fabulous. I was aware of Google Earth, but until now, never even thought to use it to travel to far off countries that I was always interested in. I feel that if I enjoyed it as much as I did as an adult, surely children will enjoy it just as much. The author was ingenious at compiling history and entwining it with modern technology such as using Google Earth to get to these far-off locations. I highly recommend this book for children, and adults alike, and I feel it would even be a wonderful tool to have in the classroom. I eagerly look forward to seeing if Ms. Worms writes more books based on using Google Earth technology. Well done, Ms. Worms!

Book Blurb for A History of the World with Google Earth

Take a trip around the world—no plane required! All that's needed is this Internet-linked, time-traveling, globetrotting puzzle book created in association with Google™ Earth. Go back in time to visit the sites of some of the most important events in history. Then see what these locations look like today on Google™ Earth. Along the way, find hidden clues to a secret destination!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 5.00