A Haunted Twist of Fate

Shay Brennan has been dealt some serious blows lately. Not only did she have two failed relationships that she's gone through, but also she's still grieving over the loss of both her parents. Although she's a city girl, it seems that the little cozy town of Hill City, South Dakota has gotten her longing for a change in her life. Here seems like the perfect place for her to move and start a new life. Not to mention, when she sees that a historic 1885 saloon is for sale here, something inside her heart tells her this is where her new home should be.

Once she moves into the saloon, the strangest things start happening to her. At first she thinks it's just her imagination playing tricks on her, but as they keep on happening, she realizes the place has a lot more history than she thinks. But as the occurrences continually happen, she knows that she needs to get to the bottom of things pretty quickly. She enlists the help of her attractive realtor, Colt Morgan, and they set out on an adventure to find the truth as to why the spirits in the saloon are only making contact with her.

Can Colt help her find out just who these spirits are and why they're still hanging around the saloon? As Colt and Shay spend more time together, do they begin to act upon the feelings and sparks that they're sharing for each other? Could they make it work between them?

I must say that I absolutely loved this new story by Ms. Coverstone. I enjoyed the twist and turns she presented to us throughout the storyline and I just couldn't help but want to see a relationship blossom between Shay and Colt. I felt that they complimented each other perfectly and would make a good pair. I loved the fact that Colt wanted to find the answers about the haunted saloon just as much as Shay did. Without a doubt, this book is worth adding to your library or even giving it as a gift to one of the avid readers on your holiday list. I highly recommend it and feel Ms. Coverstone did a phenomenal job creating not only her storyline, but also her engaging characters. This is one story that you shouldn't pass up!

Book Blurb for A Haunted Twist of Fate

While grieving the loss of her parents and two failed love relationships, city girl Shay Brennan is drawn to the Black Hills of South Dakota and finds herself the owner of a historic 1885 saloon. But, she soon realizes she s not alone in the Buckhorn. Two ghosts are sending her messages. One needs her help, while the other is intent on doing harm.

What do they want with Shay? And what part does she play in the terrible events that happened in the saloon over a century ago?

Colt Morgan, local realtor and listing agent for the Buckhorn, is a non-believer in the paranormal. But he unexpectedly finds himself helping Shay solve the mystery of who the spirits are and why they re communicating with her. Widowed for ten years, Colt s not looking for love. So why does his heart fly out of his chest every time he s near Shay? And how does his connection to an old friend tie in with her and the haunting?

Two hearts in the present are linked to two souls from the past. Could it be coincidence, or is it a Haunted Twist of Fate?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 5.00