A Ghost for Christmas

Romance on the Go

I felt this storyline had a ton of promise, but in a few aspects it fell short of its goal. I loved the idea of Jodie Gibson getting a thoughtful all-expense paid trip from her girlfriend Protia, to the beautiful Oakes View Hotel in Niagara Falls. Portia paid for Jodie to stay from December 24-26. At one point in the story, the author states that it was four days that Jodie was staying, but December 24-26 makes it three days, not four. Yet another inconsistency was Ms. Hammell stated the hotel name to be Oakes View where Jodie was staying at, but then she in one reference switched the name to be the Castillo Hotel. The author goes on to mention how Jodie was a firm non-believer of anything paranormal, but then made Jodie an instant believer when she saw the hunky 18th century ghost, Sebastian, for the first time. When I got to the ending of this short story, I felt it was way too rushed without much detail supplied to tie up the loose ends. I truly felt that the author wasn’t sure how to end her story, so she just hurriedly ended it the way she did to finish it. I was truly disappointed overall with this ghost story that I was so eagerly looking forward to enjoying.

Jodie Gibson is given a generous Christmas gift of an expense paid Christmas trip to Niagara Falls. When she arrives, she is pleasantly surprised to find the very suite that her girlfriend, Portia, booked has a resident 18th century ghost who is willing to fulfill all of Jodie’s sexual needs. Do they help each other find the inner peace they’re both longing for?

Book Blurb for A Ghost for Christmas

After receiving a long weekend at an elegant hotel beside the majestic Niagara Falls as a Christmas gift, Jodie Gibson is determined to do nothing but relax and enjoy the scenery. And, okay, just maybe meet someone who makes her toes curl.

Sebastian is sophisticated, tall, dark and gorgeous—everything a woman fantasizes about. But he's also an 18th century ghost. He haunts the halls of the hotel, seeking the one true love that can help him find peace…

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 2.50