A Decision of Faith

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A Decision of Faith

Dreams of Plain Daughters, #4

Violet Robinson lives a different lifestyle for the mere fact that her father is a U.S. Senator and her mother was raised Amish. Violet knows these two lifestyles completely contradict each other. Ironically, Violet is given the chance to live in an Amish house without any amenities that she is used to. Her father thinks this will make her realize just what she has in the English world. In doing this, Violet realizes she likes the Amish lifestyle and everything that goes with being Amish. She even becomes interested in Amish buggy shop owner Luke King, while in the process of living in this Amish house. Luke hasn’t been baptized into the Amish church yet, so he can still make the decision to live in the English world. Violet and Luke become serious, but their parents aren’t too happy with their courting because both are considering what it would be like to live in these opposite lifestyles. What decisions do Violet and Luke make? Are their parents able to accept their decision?

As always Ms. Craver provides an entertaining story for her readers to get lost in for a few hours. Violet and Luke were extremely likeable characters and I felt the highs and lows they both were experiencing along the way while courting each other. Without giving any spoilers away, I loved how the author wove a major turn of events into the storyline and from that situation, allowed the characters to weave their own web of what happened thereafter. I always enjoyed Ms. Craver’s Amish stories because they each contained characters that were fully believable and you can’t help but become invested with each storyline. Plus, in her series, you always get to see other characters from previous stories, so it’s fun to see what those characters are doing now. This is the fourth and last book in the Dreams of Plain Daughters series and I feel this is a wonderful series to enjoy in its entirety. I highly recommend this author and this series!

Book Blurb for A Decision of Faith

Two worlds…

Violet Robinson grew up straddling the world of her father, a U.S. Senator, and her mother, who was raised Amish. Then Violet gets the chance to live in an Amish house without modern amenities. Violet's father hopes this will make her realize how hard an Amish life is, but the opposite happens. Especially when Violet finds herself falling for Luke.

A world apart…

Although buggy shop owner Luke King was raised Amish, he hasn’t yet been baptized into the church. He’s always felt something waited out there for him. When he meets Violet, he knows why God set him on this path. Had he already been baptized, he’d be shunned for courting the non-Amish Violet.

United by love…

While Violet’s learning the realities of living in the Amish world, Luke indulges in the opportunity to live in the English world, risking his family’s wrath. Violet fears Luke won’t be able to leave his faith. But can she live in the stricter and simpler Amish world? As the feelings between Violet and Luke grow deeper, can they overcome their dissimilar lifestyles or will their differences pull them apart? But when violence from Violet’s past threatens, they discover that faith succeeds where all else fails, and two worlds may be joined by two loving hearts.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 5.00