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50 DIY All

Natural Bath & Beauty Products

Ms. Nouveau has packed this book with 50 all-natural recipes for her readers to make homemade bath and beauty products. She presents the recipes in an easy to understand format and even explains the best way to store each product after you have made it. They each contain simple ingredients you might already have on hand or will have no problem finding at your local stores, which makes this an even more invaluable book to have in your do-it-yourself library. Ms. Nouveau even provides some fun and interesting facts that pertain to each recipe she offers in this book.

The four recipes that I can’t wait to try are as follows: Chocolate DIY Lip Balm; Green Apple DIY Bath Salts; Hawaiian Bath Salts and the fourth one, Rose Water DIY Skin Re-hydrator. I’m new to Ms. Nouveau and her writing, but she has a new fan following her now. Great job and please keep writing more books, Ms. Nouveau!

Book Blurb for 50 DIY All

50 DIY All-Natural Bath and Beauty Products uses ingredients found in your kitchen combined with essential oils to make skin, body and hair care treatments that are not only safe to use but budget and eco-friendly. These easy to follow recipes show you how to make aromatic bath salts, luscious toners, tantalizing facials and delicious scrubs such as Oatmeal Lavender Milk Bath, Cranberry Lemon Bath Salts, Decadent DIY Chocolate Facial Mask, and Olive Zest Body Scrub. Treat yourself, and your friends and family to these super 50 DIY all-natural bath and beauty products today.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 5.00