Wolf's Valentine

Wolf’s Valentine is a werewolf paranormal novella filled with conspiracy, danger and romance.  While the novel can be read as a standalone piece; small references to past experiences and events will pique one’s curiosity enough to prompt a search for earlier works in the Westervelt series.

The main theme of the novel is based on its title “Valentine’s Day”, yet the holiday for lovers is not the driving force, it is rather a mechanism that has been incorporated into the scope of this novel to act as a bridge to an event leading to the more extensive theme of the series itself; protect the pack and find the traitor to name just a few.

The progression of the novel’s storyline is centered on Malcolm, a werewolf sent on an exploratory mission regarding man-made wolves and his discovery of something much more valuable, Janna. Janna is a female werewolf working as a successful advertisement executive living in the big city alone; isolated from her pack.

The initial dialog between the Janna and Malcolm suggests that while the two have encountered each other on more than one occasion, their current meeting will be a turning point in their association; “Valentine’s Day” takes on a whole new meaning for each of them.

The steady tone and pace of the novel allows the reader to become familiar with the heroine’s penchant for internal conversation with her inner wolf; an aspect that I found very engaging. The use of these internal conversations added insight into the character's personality; retrospective ponderings of her life away from the pack, pride in her successful career and wistful aspirations of the future.

Our hero Malcolm on the other hand initially appeared to be a less developed character and it was only through his dialog with his internal wolf and interaction with other minor characters that the multi layers of his personality were exposed. The author had in fact endowed him with the virtues of loyalty without question and a sense of duty and honor. Traits that have allowed him to preserve through difficult times serving his pack.

The consummation of the informal mating ritual between Jana and Malcolm was sweet and romantic; yet slightly underdeveloped and devoid of the amount of heat and chemistry I would have expected from shape shifters. The scene would have benefited with an infusion of a higher level of passion and urgency.

Wolf's Valentine was delightful supplemental addition to the more complex Westervelt series of novels that beckoned this reviewer to take notice.

Book Blurb for Wolf's Valentine

Jana thought she was through with Westervelt. Fleeing for her life thirty years ago, she's hidden as a human ever since. But a strangely worded Valentine delivered to her desk at work has given her pause.

Malcolm never expected to find his mate working for a crooked company he was sent to investigate in New York City. But there she is. Now, on Valentine's Day, the two will battle their attraction for each other while taking down a conglomerate built for the sole purpose of destroying the Westervelt Wolves.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 3.75