Undead and Unfinished

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Undead and Unfinished

Undead/Queen Betsy, #9

“Undead and Unfinished” by MaryJanice Davidson is a retrospective journey into the past, present and future of the lives touched by Queen Elizabeth “Betsy” Taylor of the vampires.

Well, this was a different take on the series. The majority of the book is centered on the time traveling escapades of Betsy and Laura as they manipulate the time stream of people Betsy has come in contact with since becoming the Queen of the Vampires. I really enjoyed the opportunity to catch snatches of Sinclair and Tina's history. I think that the premise of the book really allows the series as a whole to come full circle and yet opens up a whole new set of possibilities.

While it may have seemed that Betsy behavior and attitude may have taken a few steps back in the maturity department, I still feel that this novel was a classic Betsy. Still slightly self-absorbed, Betsy does display moments of brilliants in her attempts to make sure that the events of the past unfold in the manner they are meant to and that even the most clueless can sometime have flashes of extraordinary genius.

I must admit that the glimpse of the future was rather gruesome and disturbing, yet it really allows for speculation as to where the series is headed. By the end of the epilogue, I think I figured out why the "Book of the Dead" keeps following Betsy.

While this installment departs somewhat from the fun loving Betsy we know and love, I did enjoy it and I highly recommend it. I am looking forward to “Undead and Undetermined”.

Book Blurb for Undead and Unfinished

Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor returns in the ninth novel in the New York Times bestselling series. Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor is having a tough time getting through the Book of the Dead-until the Devil strikes a bargain. She offers Betsy a chance to finish the cursed (literally!) thing, and finally discover all its mysteries. There's just one catch... Betsy and her half-sister Laura have to go to Hell long enough for Laura to embrace her dark heritage (after a rebellious youth of charity work) and finally make nice with her mother, aka Lucifer. That means interacting with their family's past. In doing so, they're impacting the future in ways they never anticipated. Of course that's what Mother wanted all along. Damn her.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.25