Tie Me, Tease Me

Tie Me, Tease Me: A Sizzling page turner from start to finish. Zoey has re-occurring fantasies of being tied up and pleasured. Trace enjoys the carnal pleasures invoked during the Shibari Japanese rope tying rituals. 

The sparks and heat of the two main characters engulf the entire novel, presenting the reader with a blazingly memorable tale of fantasies fulfilled and expectations met.
Zoey’s natural tendencies towards streaks of rash and sometimes bold behavior constantly land her in trouble with her overbearing sister Candace. A situation that has left her in a constant battle against her own inner desires to be tied up and pleasured. Keeping her secrete fantasies at bay have left here feeling wanting in her past relationships; thus unsure of herself own sexuality.
Trace has spent years learning the art of Shibari and has searched to find the perfect submissive subject to experience the full effect of the art, until now. Gun shy about relationships and family as a whole, Trace try’s to keep his encounter with Zoey light, but there’s just something about that girl, that just gets under his skin that he just can’t shake.
This was a very well written novel with an overall plot that was successfully maintained from start to finish. The sexually charged BDSM/Shibari scenes were tastefully erotic and provided the reader with a very vivid exposé.

Book Blurb for Tie Me, Tease Me

Book Length: Novella
Zoey is mortified when a handsome stranger catches her lustfully eying a pair of fuzzy handcuffs at an adult toy store. She insists she is there getting gag gifts for her sister’s wedding but Trace knows instinctively that she dreams of a strong lover who will take control.
Zoey’s passion puts her right where Trace wants her—naked and bound, aroused out of her mind, in his bed. He has discovered her secret fantasy. Zoey longs for the feel of silken ropes crisscrossing her fevered flesh, tied by the strong hand of her very own shibari man.
There is no trick Trace won’t use to win her body and uncover the dark secrets she guards so well.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.00