The Feline Fugitive

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The Feline Fugitive

Feline Fugitive: The premise was promising and from the first lines was whimsical, playful and engaging. Reading a novel with human interpretations from a cat's point of view was very refreshing. On many occasions I found myself laughing and giggling out load. Unfortunately these glimpses of genius were sporadic. The main character’s (Claudette) interaction with her cat "Fluffy" sometimes proved to be more engaging and delightful, than her interaction with “Fluffy” aka Luca in human form.
I found Claudette’s life style hopes and dreams parallel to reality or real life experiences; although the character appeared too needy at times. Claudette’s penchant for rushing headlong into situations and fits of anger presented a shallow, unappealing and confusing character. Her discovery that her beloved “Fluffy” is really a man was comical and contradictory at the same time. In one breathe she is outraged that for 2 months “Fluffy” aka Luca has been privy to her most private and intimate moments and the next she is salivating with the opportunity to explore a relationship with him. While the sexual tension and ultimate coming together of Claudette and Luca was hot and steamy, the scenes leading up to the climax seemed a bit rushed and would have benefited from a more gradual pace leading to the fulfillment of both characters desires.
The overall plot of the novella Feline shape shifter on the run for a crime he did not commit was good. However, the inconsistencies or lack of back-story for the characters made for a slightly choppy reading.

Book Blurb for The Feline Fugitive

Length: Novella

You'll never look at a cat the same way again...

Claudette Richards adores Fluffy, her cat. Little does she know how much he adores her in return, nor that he's secretly a man named Luca Doyle, who has chosen her for his life mate.

Framed for murder, Luca hides out in cat form while he hunts down the real killer, a battle that could reveal him to Claudette before he's ready. If it happens, will she match his passion or send him to the pound?


Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 2.75