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Book One of a new Contemp. Fantasy / Paranormal Romance series

“Stormwalker” by Allyson James is an action packed urban fantasy of Good vs. Evil with a Native American / paranormal theme. While this concept is not unusual, Ms. James has added an extra twist to the genre that really boosts the overall appeal of the book.

While the investigation into the disappearance of Amy McGuire is the catalyst for Janet Begay’s trip to Magellan, it is her struggle for survival in the fight against her mother that drives the story.

Janet is a stromwalker, an individual who can harness and manipulate the energy of storms and manifest it into earth magic. However she is also the product of a union between a goddess and a human, a union could ultimately hurdle the world into chaos.

I really liked that although Janet was independent and stubborn, she did have a certain vulnerability regarding her relationship with Mick, her mother and the events of her childhood. Her gritty kick ass and ask questions later attitude coupled with her need to protect were strong traits that were clearly present throughout the story.

Ms. James' crafting of Mick as a strong male counterpart to Janet’s female lead, really hit the mark of how a male lead character should be represented. Mick mysterious origins, his jovial confidence and that ever present quick wit, easily allows a reader to become deeply immersed in his relationship with Janet and the role that he will play in the coming battles.

I thought that Ms. James did an excellent job in her use of the secondary characters to further the progression of the story. Their interaction with the main characters added additional layers of depth and realism that allowed a reader to visualize the inner workings of the community of Magellan.

What’s an urban fantasy without a little skepticism? Well, Sheriff Nash sure brings enough to fill a truck load.  I don’t think I have ever read a book that had a character that was so stubborn, bull headed and thoroughly mystic phobic. Nash's skepticism reached far beyond the realm of acceptable and ventured into the sphere of just downright hilarious. His interaction with Janet was some of the funniest scenes in the book. I just loved them!

Although there were two stories woven into one, the book never loses sight of Janet’s reason for venturing to Magellan; to investigate the disappearance of Amy McGuire. I really liked that the book did not forget this major point, but I did feel that the resolution of what happened to Amy did need a little more development. The resolution was too quick and should have been drawn out just little bit more.

I highly recommend “Stormwalker” and I can’t wait for the sequel.

Book Blurb for Stormwalker

Janet Begay is a Stormwalker--one who can channel the power of storms to work great magic. The desert town of Magellan is no stranger to the weird--vortexes that hold mystical energy lie just outside of town, and the residents are used to shape shifters, witches, shamans, and the occasional blood-sucking Nightwalker. Janet comes to Magellan to find a missing woman and confront her past, and she discovers secrets, lies, and hidden dangers. She'll need all the help she can get: from Mick, the mysterious fire-wielder who springs back into her life; from Coyote, a trickster god; from Jamison, her Changer friend; and from Nash, the Unbeliever sheriff who may be more powerful than all of them combined.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.75