Sins of the Flesh

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Sins of the Flesh

Book 3 in the Otherkin trilogy

“Sins of the Flesh” book 3 by Eve silver is a rollercoaster journey into an adrenaline, action packed exploration into the physic of Sutekh 3rd remaining son, Malthus “Mal” Kryal. It really delivers a non-stop trek into the heart of the conspiracy that has Sutekh, “The Lord of Chaos” and his sons, searching for answer concerning the murder of Lokan.

As with the previous installments in the series, “Sins of the Flesh” embodies the carnal desire and exhilaration that is Malthus “Mal” Kryal. Mal’s quests to retrieve information from Pyotr Kuznetsov, High Reverend of the cult of Setnakht and his unexpected dalliance with a certain Daughter of Aset are the main focal point of the novel. I must commend Ms. Silver in her character development of each of the brothers; the manner in which she has set the tone of each novel to reflect the character traits of each brother has really made each novel a true extension of the characters depicted allowing life to be breathe into each story.

Initially Malthus Kryal is perceived to be a fun loving, daredevil seeking his next big thrill and a notorious womanizer; for him it’s all about the flesh and pleasure that can be found in the partaking of it. I loved that although there seemed to be an almost uncontrollable hunger and desire within him to experience all life has to offer, there was so much more of him that he was unwilling to share with the world. Playing the rogue throughout his life, I enjoyed that Mal made no pretense of what he is after in his liaison, yet he did feel a twinge of quilt that one of his dalliances had meant more to the woman than it had to him. His character is really so smug in his assessment of himself when is comes to the female persuasion, a reader really can’t help but sit back and enjoy the ride. I think is was really important that Ms. Silver did make a point to show the reader that although Malthus thinking was all about the moment, he never looses site that his ultimate goal is to gather as much information as he can about his brother and the circumstances surrounding his death. I also enjoyed learning the reasoning behind Mal’s constant thrill seeking attitude.

Calliope and Mal’s first meeting was priceless; for all his charms and good looks thing didn’t work out like he planned. Yet, their second meeting seriously had me laughing out loud when Calliope turns the tables on him not once but twice. Her character really was a natural foil for all of Malthus charms and good looks. I did enjoy that while she may have been snared briefly in his allure, she quickly was able to turn his strengths into weakness that she exploited on more than one occasion. A soldier to her core, I admired Calliope’s resolve in her choices; she was willing to do anything necessary to achieve her objective; even the most forbidden of acts. Her steadfast resolve really takes some serious beating in her attempts to keep her distance from Mal and her whole world really turns upside down after she makes a stunning sacrifice to achieve her goal; strong, competent and totally able to take care of herself; what an awesome heroine.

The chemistry between Calliope and Mal at first glance appears to be one-sided; Mal is all about the passion and desire he feels for Calliope, while her apparent response of detachment is so comical; Mal just can’t believe that she feels absolute nothing for me. Their encounters really adds excite and spice to the story-line and really helps to provide insight into each of their lives and how they have existed due to events in their past.

It is clear as the novel progresses that there is much more going on than the reader has been privy to. Ms. Silver does an excellent job of depicting the enormity of the duplicities that area conspiring against the brothers. I found myself reverted in the revelations as the novel inched closer to its conclusion and was totally stunned when the dust cleared. Excellent! "Sins of the Flesh" provides answers to a number of question and poses a whole new set to be answered.

I Loved “Sins of the Flesh, I highly recommend it and hope that another installment in the series is in the works. 

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.75