Pleasure Trap

“The Pleasure trap” was a beautifully choreographed erotically charged book of love, devotion, sacrifice and belonging. Oh! I forgot to mention, it was also fabulously hot and steamy.

I was wide-eyed with surprised that the book began with a very erotic m/m interlude between the two male leads in the story. There are no delusions nor pretences as to the book's theme, yet given the dialog and the context of the scene, the initial intimacy was rightly justified and was a perfect prelude to the rest of the book. The level desperation and urgency of the scene provided the reader a glimpse of the deep love and devotion between Damaon and Adamas. Their plight was a palatable entity that resonated throughout the book. While there were elements of hedonism to the scene, the acceptance of the circumstances that precipitated the events were deeply moving. I could feel the love and commitment that Adamas felt for Damaon as he witnessed and accepted Damaon’s slow descent into the heart hardening diamond gem sickness.

Raisa Sheldon never imagined she would take a voyage that would change her beliefs or her life. One last goodbye to the family home, a check of the attic for missed items and a touch of a shinning star diamond transports her to a glistening palace of stunning brilliants and her destiny.

Upon Raisa arrival at the diamond gem palace, the reader is given the impression that her present is only required to alleviate the diamond gem sickness that has befallen both Damaon and Adamas. Her initial anger and reluctance is whole heartedly accepted by the reader with no question. But I loved that it was the sacrifice that Adamas was willing to make that swayed her decision to help them. It is only later in the story that the reader is privy to why Adamas was willing to sacrifice himself. Excellent progression and plot development.

It was refreshing to read that while the inhabitants of the Gem Universe were similar in nature to the people of Earth, they were not stricken with the same rigidness of Earth's human society. Two males as a mated pair was as common as a male and a female mated pair. I loved that while Damaon and Adamas were a mated pair, there was neither reservation nor jealousy between them when it came to Raisa. She was a treasure that the both cared for deeply.

I never felt their interludes were anything but breath taking. Although their time together would be short, they indulged their whims as pleasure swept them into a vortex where only the three of them existed. Raisa realization that she loved them and wanted to stay, yet knew she would be unable to do so, pull at this reader heartstrings. I loved the way the author wrote the scenes where Damaon and Adamas frantically searched for a way around the contract. The depth of their love for Raisa, while unspoken was evident in their every interaction with her.

I really enjoyed “The Pleasure Trap”, and hope to have the opportunity to visit the Gem Universe in a later piece.

Book Blurb for Pleasure Trap

Length: Short Novel
Jobless and about to be homeless, Raisa Sheldon is captivated by a glittering diamond star. When she touches it, she’s transported to a dazzling palace owned by two amazing—and gorgeous—men.
Sex with her is the only cure for the potentially fatal disease that afflicts them both. She wields the power of life and death over them, but it was nothing compared to their ability to provide her with pleasure beyond her wildest imagining as the days and nights blend into one long, orgasmic delight. When one shocking revelation rocks the axis of her world, the palace becomes a trap from which she has no wish to escape.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 4.50