Of Blood and Politics

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Of Blood and Politics

"Of Blood and Politics" by Christopher Newman, is an edgy trip into the unbelievable propelling the reader into a compelling spellbinding glimpse into the future of the world as an unknown phenomena takes shape across the world.

I would love to see this prequel to the "Uprising" novel developed into a movie. Wow! "Of Blood and Politics" is a riveting accounting of the events preceding the massive outbreak of 3 very unnatural genetic mutations among the world populous and the local and federal governmental responses; seen through the events of lives of the novel’s hero and heroine, John and Rosalina.

Mr. Newman has crafted an exceptional apocalyptic tale brimming with vivid descriptive narrations of everyday life in typical Los Angeles and the foreboding of things to come. The level of detail he uses in his portrayal of everyday life occurrences really allows the reader to embrace the calm before the storm tone of the novel.

The novel begins on a very realistic tone as Rosalina Martinez, a recent nursing school graduate sets off on her first day of work at Los Angeles Memorial Hospital. What should have been a typical day quickly turns into a step into the twilight zone. There were sections in this half of the book that were both sad and heartwarming. Mr. Newman takes great pains in his depiction of the atmosphere within the oppressed Los Angeles neighborhood where Rosalina lives, which I really appreciated. Her character development allows the reader to understand the driving forces that have sustained her during her tireless efforts to do more with her life. I really connected with Rosalina aspirations for the future; though she could have allowed herself to be swallowed up in the oppression of environment and follow the path of her childhood friends, her resolve to be and do more really resonated as the story progresses. On a side note; I just loved how the novel really plays up the government conspiracy theory as Dr. Taylor attempted brow beat Rosalina's mother.

The novel wastes no time in establishing its rhythm and really kicks into high gear as the reader is introduced to John Allen Benedict, a certified public account on the threshold of marriage who’s having first, second and third thoughts about the rightness of the marriage. At first John appears to be a normal average guy just looking to live a happy life with a wife and a couple of children, until a fateful night when everything changes. I really enjoyed this portion of the book; the level of detail surrounding the events of john's life after that night really pushed the novel to a new level of anticipation of what will happen next, for me. The events of John’s life in those pages were truly similar to the early works of a Stephen King novel; the scenes just grab the reader and refuse to let go. Excellent!

I found it surprisingly easy to feel both sympathetic and skeptical about the plausibility of Harry James Bartholomew’s version of a utopia where both humans and non-humans would be able to live in relative peace. The thought of equal rights for all, really showed that while Harry may have been the oldest and wisest of the coven, he may not have been the most practical. Mr. Newman really touches into the human condition in showing the contrasts between Patrick fanatical approach to a world under his rule and that of Harry's more methodical and controlled approach. Having John play a pivotal role in the impending internal struggle within the coven allowed the reader to appreciate john's catalytic sacrifice in the coming storm. The novel takes great pangs in its depiction of the manner of how power corrupts absolute, how the desire for power lives and thrives in us all, how fear of the unknown can cause even the most level headed to slip into a much darker place and how even in the worst of times, there can be love and hope.

"Of Blood and Politics" is an excellent prequel that delivers an exciting beginning that really leaves the reader wishing for more. I Loved it and highly recommend it.

Book Blurb for Of Blood and Politics

Book length: novel
Page count: 215
Series: “Uprising” (1st book), “Tales of the Uprising” (2nd book) and “Of Blood and Politics” (3rd book) but is the prequel to “Uprising”.

This prequel to Uprising traces the first outbreaks of three plagues slowly starting to appear in an all too realistic near future United States. As the public begins to become aware of zombies rising, the powers that be are trying to suppress the truth to avoid a public panic, but their efforts are too harsh. To make matters worse they have decided to “quarantine” what they’ve come to call Level III mutations, namely vampires.

People like Rosalina Martinez and John Benedict find their treasured civil rights being violated by an uncaring CDC and its agents. John and Rosalina must struggle to remain free or become subjects of terrible experiments by Doctor Igor Lapinski at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia.

But those stricken by vampirism can’t come together as a single force for their own survival. It is a race against time to try to unite their self-help organization, retain the right to live free and avoid the quarantine. It is the beginning of the end of the world as we know it.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 5.00