No One But Madison

No One But, Madison is a Hot and Steamy trip into the BDSM realm.

Usually always up for a challenge, Exposé’s hard nosed, take no prisoners Ace undercover reporter Madison Garrett is reluctant to embark on her most challenging assignment to date; going undercover as a submissive at "Train Me, Chain Me", a BDSM club. Goaded by her editor’s insistence that she is the only one capable of infiltrating the club and infuriated by the conviction of Exposé’s VIP Drake Williams, that she’s too strong willed and overly aggressive to successfully assume the role, a determined and overly confident Madison accepts the assignment.

I liked that the author developed Madison’s character with a mixture of self-confidence and personal quirkiness. I thought the author did a good job of presenting Madison’s misconceptions, concerns and questions about the BDSM lifestyle. The natural progression of Madison’s training in the lifestyle and her ultimate acceptance of her own inner desires was a crucial element of the book that I really enjoyed.

As a dominate Drake personified what every woman wants in her fantasy man; a personality that includes a cornucopia of attributes ranging from nurturing and patience to forceful and commanding. As the story progressed I loved that the intense training sessions began to grind at Drake’s control as his feeling forMadison began to affect his abilities to maintain his distance.

It was refreshing that the storyline did not exclusively center on the two main characters and that the minor subplots presented opportunities for other characters to play pivotal roles at key moments in the book. I liked that the author brilliantly used the storyline as a vehicle to educate readers about the different BDSM terminology, the expectations of the Dominants and the rights of the submissives within the society.

I highly recommend "No One But Madison", what a tastefully written, well-rounded book charged with sexual heat, drama, intrigue, and deception.

Book Blurb for No One But Madison

“Imagine my forcing you to bring all of your secret fantasies to life. Have you lost your freedom, Madison? Or won it back?”
Thrust into a world of bondage and submission to uncover an abusive Dom in one of New York‘s BDSM clubs, undercover journalist Madison Garrett strives to maintain her freedom while training for her most challenging role. When she discovers her arrogant boss, Drake Williams, is the masked “Master D” training her, secret fantasies come to life and passions unfurl.
Drake chains her, trains her and makes her beg for his touch. But Madison bows to no man. When word of Madison’s plans leaks out, submissives matching her description are brutally attacked. Drake has no choice. To save the woman who has enslaved his heart, he must take her training to the highest level.
Publisher Note: This book was previously released under the same title.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 4.75