Love Bites Back

Love Bites Back is a vampire slayer paranormal novella that really did not deliver the punch that I was looking for as a reader. The initial encounter of the two main characters Crystal and Renaldo held promise, but quickly turned into a slow moving, unevenly developed slayer fest filled with typical action sequences inherently common in some vampire slayer themed novels. The story would have benefited from the inclusion of an inventive quirk or twist of fate to provide a unique take on the theme.

While the driving forces and motivations of the heroine and hero were revealed to the reader in a series of events, the story-line leading to each revelation was uneventful and lacked any spark. The one dimensionality of the characters personalities and lacked of fire resulting in no chemistry between the two, contributed to the less than stellar read. The addition of a more in-depth character development, plausible character interaction and the development of some of the minor characters would have helped to maintain the flow and provide substance. There are instances of a few romantic overtures and suggestions, though they did appear to be rushed.

As a reader I found Love Bites Back to be flat and uninteresting.

Book Blurb for Love Bites Back

I'm Crystal Payne, yeah I know it's not an original name, but yeah, it's better than nothing. What do I do? Well I hunt those things that go bump in the night for profit. Notice I didn't say fun? So when a vampire comes to visit trying to hire me, I'm a little less than enthusiastic, no matter how handsome and debonair he is. Instead, I take a job for the Snowden family. Their daughter Heather has gone missing in a notorious club frequented (and owned) by vampires... The Uptown Club. It's a nasty place, and I know Heather's been missing for three days. That can only mean one thing. She's no longer human but a bloodsucking menace that needs to be put down. Maybe if I'm lucky I can clean the entire place out. If I'm very, very lucky, that is.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 2.00