Her Dark Master

Her Dark Master: An enticing mixture of romance, erotica and mystery that flowed from start to finish and left this reviewer wanting more.

Our heroine, Victoria (Lady Ashford), is a strong willed young woman with knowledge beyond her years concerning the carnal delights of men and woman. While secretly penning erotic articles for the risky publication “The Opal”, Victoria dreams of experiencing those same delights with a certain Lord Matthew Corwin, her brother’s longtime friend and her secret love since childhood.

While I am not very familiar with the views and activities of Regency England regarding a gentleman’s behavior in respect to what I will call “flavored sex”, as a reader I was thoroughly engrossed in the erotic scenes in the novel. Victoria’s boldness to venture to a brothel, assume the identity of one of the girls and the ensuing consequences of her actions is sure to keep the reader engrossed in the novel.

Intertwined within the Victoria and Lord Corwin story-line, the author has also peppered the novel with a mystery concerning blackmail and provided a glimpse of how the custom of arranged marriages, could potential leave a young woman with a very unsuitable choice in husbands.

The main theme of the novel, Victoria’s desire to choose when and whom to marry, to continue her writings for “The Opal” and her unwavering desire to know the carnal delights between a man and a woman with Lord Corwin, were ever present within the novel providing a well rounded and enjoyable adventure into the unspoken side of Regency England.

Book Blurb for Her Dark Master

In Regency England, good girls like Victoria Ashford don’t pen wicked stories for underground sex papers and they certainly don’t don a mask and exchange places with a whore in a desperate bid to share one night of passion with the man she’s always desired. When Matthew Corwin, Earl of Sussex, discovers the identity of his remarkably responsive, submissive “whore,” he plots erotic payback for her treacherous deception, never intending to let his heart get involved. But protecting her from a blackmailer makes him realize maybe there’s more than just being her dark master…
Light BDSM

Jennifer August is a debut author.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.50