Gypsy Nights

Gypsy Nights: I enjoyed this novel as a quick read, although I am not sure if that is how the author intended the novel to be categorized. It would have served me better as a reader had it been written in multi-book series format that would have allowed for extensive primary and secondary character developments as well as multi-threaded subplots. A demon war against the Romania, a sympathetic Quasimodo demon/vampire and a child foretold to change the demon world. What more could you ask for?

The prologue was very well written and provided a light peak into the novels back-story, although it’s purpose to provide the reader with an introduction to the overall plot of the novel would have been improved and strengthened with the addition of scenes that included events that took place immediately following Sebastian’s actions as well as some insight into the preceding year leading up to Sebastian’s finally discovery of Gitana.

Supplemental secondary character development for William and Aaron would have added additional layers to their underdeveloped sub-plots; what role and duties did William provide to the council, how did William meet Sebastian and for Aaron; what connections did he have with the council, what was life within his pack actually like for Gitana? A few scenes of the mysterious counsel and William interacting, glimpses of Gitana life with Aaron would have enhanced the story as well as the reading experience.

The underlying prophecy and the fated attraction between Sebastian and Gitana required further development of the driving force that has gripped Sebastian since that long night in Romania when Gitana was born, Gitana life after divorcing Aaron and her relationship with her Grandmother. A deeper exploration of all of the novel’s characters would have made the story flow with more consistency.

The progression by which the main characters moved from just meeting, to lusting after each other, to having spontaneous sex might have better been served by letting the attraction simmer and burn to its climax. I did enjoy the hot steamy ménage scene between Sebastian, William and Gitana. The scene was tastefully written and left this reader begging for more.

Book Blurb for Gypsy Nights

Prophecy of peace....

Thirty years ago, Gypsy missionaries fought back against the demons. In the midst of the struggle between good and evil, a new type of vampire surfaced--one who was capable of feeling compassion, love, remorse. Master vampire, Sebastian Rolle disobeyed direct orders and tried to save a pregnant gypsy's life. Upon her death, the woman confessed that she was carrying the child that would one day mate with a demon, forming a union that would end the war between their races. Unable to save her, Sebastian took her tiny baby girl to the safety of her own kind.

Promise of passion....

After thirty years of searching, Sebastian has finally found the gypsy's daughter again. Gitana isn't the screaming purple blob that he remembered her being. No, now, she is a fully developed woman who threatens to make his cold heart beat again. The very sight of her makes him want to take her, love her, claim her.

Gitana had been married to a man who her grandmother thought was the perfect demon mate. Her werewolf ex-husband is still having issues letting go, and will stop at nothing to get her back. The moment her sexy new neighbor, Sebastian walks into her shop, she can't help but think of nights full of passion and pleasure.

Who is the demon the prophecy foretold would mate with Gitana? Is it the wolf or the vampire? Can they figure it out before council members descend upon them to stop the fulfillment of the prophecy? Who will survive when passions run high and danger is all around?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 3.50