Charity's Auction

“Charity’s Auction” by Ashley Ladd, is a quickie novella full of sexual fun and ultimate love.

The novel begins with the impending charity auction to raise funds for a hospital’s new children’s wing. Amy Koch, the hospital’s Chief administrator has maneuvered the most eligible bachelor doctors into participating.

Charity “Char” Reynolds, a nurse at the hospital has been waiting for this event for months. Feeling betrayed by her ex-boyfriend, Dr. Dexter Graham, Charity sets her plan of revenge in motion with the intention of winning the bidding war for a date with Dexter.

While I liked the premise of the auction and found the bidding war really comical, I did find charity's second bidding war for Dr. Ben Price to be spontaneous and really did not fit in the scheme of her plans for Dexter. After having won both auctions, Charity’s character seemed to be oblivious of the personal damages her action were causing and how those actions systematically were alienating her from her close friend.

An enigma in his character behavior; Dr. Ben Price really turns out to be a nice guy in the end. While he really was self-absorbed, there were moments when he really did think about someone besides himself.

Older and world wise Dr. Dexter Graham is one of the sweetest characters. Never really wanting to hurt anyone’s feeling, I found that Dexter sometimes would forsake his own comfort in order to please others. His penchant for pleasing really grated when he submitted to all of Charity’s wistful desires for experiencing a ménage.

There was a certain level of chemistry between the three, yet the prologue to the encounter was rushed and required additional lead in.

Although the book was a little light on character development and was set during a very short period of time, “Charity’s Auction” was a good quickie afternoon read.

Book Blurb for Charity's Auction

Ménage à Trois/ MFM/BDSM/ Older Woman, Younger Men
When Char bids on and wins both sexy doctors Hunky and Hottie in her hospital's charity auction, she knows exactly what to do with them and it's not tidily winks. 
Although head nurse Char Reynolds is desperately head over heels for bad boy Dr. Dexter Graham, he's moved on. Still she gets caught up in bidding for him at the hospital's auction for the new children's wing and wins. His smug expression drives her to also bid on and win the very hunky Dr. Ben Price, Dexter's nemesis and to plan a very naughty, very sexy night with both

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.25