Animal Instinct

Book four in The Sentinels Series

“Animal Instinct”, Book 4 in the Sentinels Series by Desiree Holt, is an erotically charged werewolf paranormal novella teaming with sexual energy.

Ms. Holt introduces the reader to shape-shifter Ann Marie Knight during two agonizing chase sequences that climaxes with a very erotic interlude with the novel’s hero, fellow shape-shifter Drew Nolan. The complexity of the sequences were so evenly developed that the transition of the story-line up to the meeting of the two main characters was perfect. I found myself entirely enraptured at the vivid descriptions of Ann Marie’s flight for survival and really thought the scene was crucial to the introduction of Drew to the Ann Marie and the reader.

Shape-Shifter Ann Marie Knight and her brother John have been searching for more of their own kind in Texas, when her brother turns up missing. Rumors of illegal poaching and hunting have been swirling around the little town outside of San Antonio for sometime. Fearing the worst Ann Marie sets out to uncover the mystery of her brother disappearance. Ann Marie’s fierceness, yet vulnerabilities were excellent character traits that allowed her to be viewed as a formidable opponent as well as a beautiful female.

Drew Nolan has seen too many of his kind slaughtered and killed by man and beast. Living a solitary existence on his ranch with all the open space he could ever want, has left him longing for the companionship of a pack. As an active member of the Sentinels, he and others of his kind have been searching for the lost refuge of the various fractured packs scattered throughout the country. I immediately feel in love with the Drew, what a kind and caring soul. Although I must admit, he really did let his instincts do his talking during his interlude with Ann Marie.

I love that the writing for both characters for the entire mating ritual was so smooth and natural. The instinctive way that a werewolf knows when it has found its mate and the absence of human pretense and courtship enhanced the overall appeal of the book's intensely sexual escapades. Each interlude between the couple reinforced the natural animal instincts in them. The couple’s animal instincts to mate were always at the forefront of the story and the underlying poaching scenario acted as a catalyst in thrusting the two together.

While I did enjoy the overall theme of the book and the sexual encounters of the two main characters, the climax of the story did fall just a little bit short. I would have loved to explore the possibilities of some form of personal confrontation between the wolves and the poachers, but that may have been too bloody.

Overall, I highly recommend "Animal Instinct" it's a hot and spicy, erotically charged book that's sure to leave you wanting more.

Book Blurb for Animal Instinct

Paranormal/ Shapeshifter



Drew Noland knew that Ann Marie Knight was his mate, but first he had to gather The Sentinels to take down a vicious group of hunters. 

When Ann Marie Knight literally fell into Drew Noland's solitary existence as an injured white wolf, little did he expect her to shift into a woman whose scent called to him - mate! 

Already gathering to track a vicious group of men who maimed and hunted animals illegally, they turned their attention to rescuing her brother. But could Drew calm Ann Marie's fears and convince her they were meant to mate for life? 

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.50