Wolf Tracks

Men of Passion, Colorado 6

Move over Zena, there is a new Warrior Princess in town and her name is Maya Swift. When Maya goes to the Passion Rodeo to see Jamie Hunter compete and to meet his brothers, Ham and Case, she was expecting a fun time not to end the day being kidnapped and running for her life with three men she just met…even if they do make her body sizzle and her heart shout for joy. With shifter hunters on their tail and out for blood, Maya needs to make some tough choices. Go with the brothers, leave everything and everyone she holds dear behind and hope they feel the same about her.

The Hunter brothers stopped in Passion, Colorado to compete in the rodeo before moving back to their home town of Forever, Texas. They had given up on ever finding their true mate. With homesickness calling them home they are shocked to find their mate by chance in the small town. Not nearly as shocked as to find hunters closing in on them. They take Maya and run hoping to get back to Forever, TX before getting caught. Then they are surrounded and everything is on the line. Not only for their hearts, but their very lives.

Jane Jamison has given us suspense and action galore in her latest book in the Men of Passion, Colorado series. As always her characters are bold, more than a little brash and self-confident. Her males are gorgeous alpha type males who live with integrity and conviction. They are protective and loyal. They are everything most of us look for in a man, but few will ever be lucky enough to find.

Even though this is the sixth in a series, it can easily read as a standalone novel. There are mention of characters from previous books, they do not detract from the story. Rather is as though you are stopping by to say hello to an old friend. There also has been a mention of a town called Forever, Texas in the last two books. If you have not head Ms. Jamison's Werewolves of Forever, Texas then you have a treat in store for yourself when you begin reading it. A mention was also made in the last two books of “Hidden” to be found somewhere in Montana. I understand that the author will be setting a new series there. I look forward to reading more about this magical place for supernaturals of all kinds.

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Book Blurb for Wolf Tracks

Maya Switt meets sexy rodeo cowboys. She senses they’re special. Taking a risk, she tracks them down, determined to see just how special they are. Werewolf brothers Jamie, Case, and Ham Hunter are set to win a few events. But once they meet petite and super sexy Maya, all bets are off. The four of them get up close and personal to celebrate Jamie’s win, but the celebration is cut short when they’re attacked by shifter hunters. Escaping the shifter hunters out to skin her men proves difficult when not one, but two groups of killers track them down. When they capture her men, she’s their only hope of survival. Will she track them down in time? Or will the killers find her and kill them all? If they survive, will she become their mate and a werewolf? Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 4.50