Wild Storm

Werewolves of Forever, Texas 7

Stormy Stephens and her daughter Jazz have come to Forever, Texas from Atlanta for two reasons. First for a fresh start for Jazz after some trouble she got into in Atlanta and secondly so Stormy could get Jazz away from her on again off again father, a wealthy banker by the name of C J Chandler. Stormy never expected to find a man to love in Forever, much less three. Then again bad things come in three’s as well. Jazz's father shows up telling her he is going to take Jazz away by any means necessary. Wild dogs go after Jazz and Stormy and Jazz are trapped in a burning barn. Brothers Becket, Ty and Rent Malone have been watching their mate for a month as she settles into town. Now it is time to go after her and win the heart of their mate. When the troubles start will they loose their family before they have a chance to build a future together?

Jane Jamison has given us a series that tantalizes the reader with wild romance, and characters we can fall in love with. Forever is a town anyone would want to live in. It's warm, friendly and filled with charm. This may be the seventh book in the series, but it stands as a single book as well. Out of personal preference I like to read a series from the first and learn how all the characters fit together. I recommend the same for anyone else reading this series.

Even though this is easily read as a standalone, with few references to previous characters or events there are enough to make you curious. Why wonder when you can easily read their stories and be entertained even more. You will love the imaginative mind of Jane Jamison. She spins a tale like a master. Pick up a copy and immerse yourself into the lives of the residents of Forever, Texas today.

Book Blurb for Wild Storm

Single mom Stormy Stevens thinks Forever, Texas, is the perfect place to raise her daughter, Jazz. She’s not looking for a man in her life, but whenever the sexy Malone brothers come around, she can’t ignore the sexual whirlwind they stir inside her. Beckett, Ty, and Rent Malone have waited a month for Stormy to settle into her new home, but they’re through waiting. They know Stormy is their future mate and they’re ready to claim her. When her ex-boyfriend and Jazz’s father demands sole custody of Jazz, Stormy turns to the Malone brothers or risks losing her child. Still, after fighting off a wild dog pack then getting trapped in a burning barn, dealing with the entitled son of a billionaire banker should be easy, right? Will she fight for her new life in Forever? Or will she let the storm of trouble surrounding her take away everything that matters? Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 5.00