Wild Ride

Werewolves of Forever, Texas 11

Zoey Wate was taken into the Clayton Pack of Atlanta, Georgia when her mother though her out at the age of fifteen. Every day Harland Clayton let her know that she was defective because she was a half-breed and only their kindness is what kept her alive. Twelve years later she knows that if she does not get away Rick, Harland's son and new pack alpha will finally take what she had refused him all along...her. Barely escaping from Rick and his pack, who were goading him on to rape her, she makes her way to a place that is whispered about, a place where werewolves and other supernatural beings live in peace. A place where half-breeds are allowed to live in peace and are welcomed. That place is Forever, Texas.

In Forever she meets cousins Declain and Nolan Sawyer, her true mates. Just when she thinks her life is finally getting better her old pack shows up demanding that she be returned to them immediately. What is to become of the triad? Will the pack tell them they must comply with the demands of the Clayton Pack alpha?

This is one of the most emotional of all the books in this series. We follow and feel the pain and fear that Zoey has lived with. We can see how she has degraded so much that she is left feeling worthless and less than deserving of love and kindness. We then get to see her grow in strength and self-confidence. The relationship between Zoey, Declain and Nolan is slow to come about. The three must struggle with their emotional baggage, just as we all have to. Then when it seems all is finally going to work out Zoey's past interferes. They struggle with things everyone has had to deal with at some time in their lives. So much happens as you read. We see more of the town as a whole and some of the individual residents. We see that something is going on from the first word to the last.

Yes, there are some hot scenes in the story, but there are also moments of suspense and danger that you will not want to miss. Jane Jamison's world of Forever, Texas and the different people that live there are unique. You will fall in love with the area and the various individuals. You will come to call them your friends. They are depicted to be so real that you will find it hard to remember that they are only characters created in the fertile mind of the very talented author, Jane Jamison.

This is the eleventh book of the series, but is written in such a way that it can easily be read as a standalone book. Even though it is a standalone I recommend that you read the series from the beginning so that you can learn how the characters interact and the different relationships develop along the way. You will see how the town and its residents grow and change over time.

I have my own favorite characters as well along the way, but have come to admire and want to know more about each and every one of them.

I only have one book available in the series left to read. I truly hope Ms. Jamison will soon hear the voices of a few new Forever residents that are pushing her to tell their stories as well. If not I guess I will have to reread the series again to visit with them in the future, because I can tell you this will be a series you will keep to enjoy again and again.

Book Blurb for Wild Ride

Zoey Wate's been brainwashed into believing she can't have a mate. When she leaves her pack, she runs to Forever, determined to see if the rumors of a town where werewolves live free are real. Declain and Nolan Sawyer have always talked of sharing a woman. But being human, Nolan's not sure half-werewolf Zoey will want him. He's ready to give her up to his werewolf cousin, but Declain refuses, determined to get Zoey and Nolan together. Convincing Nolan to mate her isn't Zoey's biggest problem. When her former pack leader shows up demanding that the Forever werewolves hand her over to him, she doesn't know whether to run or to fight. Before she can answer that question, the pack leader attacks, threatening not only her life, but Nolan's and Declain's. Will the Sawyer men start a pack war to keep her? Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among cousins.

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, consensual BDSM, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.50