Wild Need

Werewolves of Forever, Texas 4

Kate Wingate stepped off the bus ready for her final interview for the position of personal assistant to Tucker Lawson, an attorney in Forever, Texas. She feels lucky to have a chance at such a well-paying position that includes a room. She is startled when a sexy and good looking man walks up to her as she sits on a bench. He introduces himself and tells her that he will drive her the rest of the way to Forever and will help her get settled in. Tucker knew the moment he met Kate that she is meant to be his mate as well as the mate to his longtime friends and business partners, Travis Williams and Cort Cartland. Now it is time to take her home and introduce her to her future mates. To say Kate was surprised to find she was expected to live in the house with the three hot men is an understatement. But the job was legitimate and she did have outstanding student loans to pay off. Then strange things begin to happen and Kate begins to question her decision.

As usual Jane Jamison has written a romance story to stir your heart and your libido. She has created a town that while cautious of strangers still remains friendly and charming. Her characters are forceful, if sometimes a bit controlling, but they have honor and a protective nature. The women have strong back bones even as they submit to the dominance of their mates. They also are not afraid to question what they see as being wrong and they are courageous enough to go after what they want.

Each book is written as a standalone, but I recommend reading them all starting from the beginning to get the full background of the town, its residents and the continuing theme of the series.

Ms. Jamison has drawn us a picture with words of a world where being different is the norm and tolerance of different lifestyles is a given. I only wish such a place could exist in the world we live in as well.

If you enjoy a good steamy romance, then this series will soon become one of your favorites as well. There are touches of drama, humor and suspense peppered throughout the story that keep it from becoming bland and boring.

I hope you enjoy this story and come to love the series as much as I do. Pick up a copy today and immerse yourself into the world of Forever, Texas.

Book Blurb for Wild Need

Kate Wingate takes a job as a personal assistant even though she has to move to the small town of Forever, Texas. Still, the benefits are better than she’d imagine when she finds herself getting up close and personal to three hot cowboys. It’s a dirty job, but, hey, someone’s got to do it, right? Travis Williams, Cort Cartland, and Tucker Lawson, the men of Moonlight Ranch, searched and found their mate in the beautiful Kate. But when a werebear bearing a grudge decides to put his paws on her, the men risk showing her their secret before she’s ready. After Kate sees her men’s fangs and claws, will she accept their werewolf alter egos along with their eternal love? Or will she run for the hills?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.50