Wild Lust

Werewolves of Forever, Texas 6

Charlize Newman has come to rescue her sister. She has already lost one sister when a vampire murdered her. Charlize refuses to loose another, even if Shannon says she loves Anderson and Daniel. She has walked away from their parents and the business world and is not afraid of the two big bad wolves who have mesmerized her sister. Blane and Reece Rawlins are everything you could ever ask for in a mate, all they have to do is convince Charlize that they are meant to be together. There is also the small matter of keep her from killing their friends, and her sister's mates. Just when they begin to make some progress toward that end, a cat shifter decides Charlize would make a great mate for him. To extricate Charlize they expose that they to are werewolves. Will Charlize accept them or run for home and leave them brokenhearted?

This series is a so much fun to read. It has characters that are so well developed and have such individual personalities. The town setting is attractive to those seeking a quiet small town setting to live in and raise a family in. In many ways it reminds me of my own open and friendly town, but as far as I am aware there are no paranormal beings living here. Although there is that very nice man who runs the hardware store that everyone says has lived here for at least for a hundred years.

If you have not read any of the books in this series yet, you have truly missed a special treat. This book can be read as a standalone with very little problem, but to understand fully the different background relationships and how they connect to the whole story line I suggest that you read the series starting from book 1. Ms. Jamison has poured a lot of her talent into the designing the world of Forever, Texas and the residents who live there.

The one character I do want to learn more about is Deacon Slater. What makes him the way he is? How long has he been a vampire and why is he living in Forever where there are so few vampires instead of the neighboring town where there are so many?

I would also like to know what other paranormal beings reside in Forever, TX. So many questions, but lucky for me there are still eight more books available to read now with hopefully more to come. Jane Jamison has created a world I want to explore more of. Why don't you pick a copy for yourself and join me in Forever, Texas today?

Book Blurb for Wild Lust

Charlize Newman left her sister behind with two men who can turn into werewolves. Determined to save her sister, Charlie returns to Forever, ready to do whatever it takes to get Shannon home—whether Shannon likes it or not. Twin brothers Blane and Reese Rawlins have met their mate and their match in Charlie. Before they can get her to love them back, they have to keep her from shooting her sister’s mates. Reese is the tough guy while Blane is the smooth talker of Charlie’s dreams. But when they get in the way of saving her sister, she doesn’t care how great they are in the sack. Just as the men think they’ve tamed their future mate, she ends up playing catnip for a werecat. They come to her aid, exposing their werewolf sides. Will Charlie love her new mates? Or will she shoot her way back to Boston? Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.50