Wild Love

Werewolves of Forever, Texas 1

Emma Rand is young and in love with an up and coming handsome medical researcher, Brian Miller. Then her world falls apart when her doctor tells her that her debilitating headaches are caused by a tumor for which they cannot fix. Brian dumps her accusing her of becoming ill on purpose. Emma decides to live what time she has left fulfilling her dream of finishing her book. To that end she rents a home from the Carr brothers, Jackson, Jacob and Jayden in the small town of Forever, Texas. Jackson was reluctant to rent to Emma until he spoke to her on the phone. With just the sound of her voice he knew she was the mate destined for him and his brothers, but first he has to explain about himself and most of the others in Forever and get her to accept them as mates and all that entails. When Emma is in danger, can the brothers save her and what will happen when they learn of Emma's condition?

I have had an ongoing love affair for the works of Ms. Jamison. I am sorry to say I read the first few books in this series back when it was first published, then somehow lost track of it. I now get a chance to fall in love with the people of Forever and the town itself once more. Emma is a woman who is stronger than most will give her credit for and the Carr brothers are alpha males all the way. They temper their strength with a gentleness that endears them to the heart of the reader.

Each brother brings something to the table of the relationship. We have Jackson, the leader, decisive and always in control (at least until he meets Emma). And Jacob, the peacekeeper prone to often act on impulse. Then Jayden, the lighthearted one with a quick wit.

Forever is a small town located in the Texas panhandle. Described as small and close knit, it is sure to appeal to all. You will come to like Millie and her diner and from one scene I think you will visit often to partake in her delicious offerings.

This is the first in the series and such is of course a standalone read. Don't cry when the story is over, you are in luck as there are numerous books still to be read in the series. Each one drawing you further and further into the lives of those who live in Forever. Stop by Forever and come back to visit often.

Book Blurb for Wild Love

Emma Rand is living life to the fullest. After receiving devastating news from her doctor, her boyfriend dumps her and she decides to fulfill her lifelong dream of writing a book. She moves to Forever, Texas, to find the solitude she needs to write. If only she has enough time left. The Carr brothers have waited for their mate, and when Emma finally arrives, they know they've found her. Setting out to win her heart, however, won't be as easy as Jayden, Jacob, and Jackson thought. She's gravely ill, and only turning her will keep her alive. Yet when her ex-boyfriend talks her into trying an experimental cure, will she accept the medical surgery that might cure her? Or will she let her heart show her the way to a long and happy life with her three mates? Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.00