Wild Heart

Werewolves of Forever, Texas 3

Celia Ray, first came to Forever, Texas with her friends, Sandy Hamilton and Daniella Monson. She met Sandy's men and left when Daniella turned nasty and tried to harm Sandy only because she did not think Daniella should not be driving back to Dallas on her own. During her brief stay she had seen Aiden Carr and been mesmerized. She returned to Forever to finally meet him face to face. Imagine her delight as she finds his two friends Trent Tarrow and Steve Wilton are just as scrumptious and seem to feel the same way about her. When Aiden finally meets the woman he has fantasized about, since catching a glimpse of her from afar, he knows he and his two friends have found their mate. But what happens when a vampire decides he wants her for himself? Can the three men save her and will she stay with them if they do?

Wild Heart is the third installment of Jane Jamison's Werewolves of Forever, Texas series and it is just as lively and humorous as the books that came before. Ms. Jamison has given us a town that is small enough that everyone knows each other and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. Strangers may be noted, but are made welcome. Like most small towns it has its secrets. Although I must admit Forever has a bigger secret than most. I still cannot wait to return there often and reacquaint myself with both the town and the residents.

This can be read as standalone, but I recommend reading book 2, Wild for Wolves at least to learn more of the background of Celia's first visit. You may even choose to go as far as to read book one, Wild Love. I would choose to read them all so that I could enjoy every moment possible in a town so rich and diversified in unusual backgrounds.

Keep in mind that there are more books to read in this series, but if you are like me and rush to devour a series, you can enjoy so many other of Ms. Jamison's other books each just as delightful as these. Jane Jamison entertains her readers with humor and banter while remaining true to the main theme of whatever series you are reading.

Book Blurb for Wild Heart

Celia Ray left her friend with her three new lovers in Forever, Texas, but she can’t get a mysterious cowboy out of her mind. Returning to Forever, she’ll either win him or forget him. To her delight, he’s a hunk of a cowboy and his two friends are just as hot. Aiden Carr, Trent Tarrow, and Steve Wilton need to claim a mate. But Aiden can’t get his mind off a woman he’s seen only from a distance. When she shows up, all three men know they’ve found the woman they will love forever. After seeing the men in their werewolf forms, Celia’s ready to join the pack. But a rogue vampire wants to claim her as his own. Can her mates find her before the vampire takes the first bite? Or will they lose her before they can claim her?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.50