Wild for Wolves

Werewolves of Forever, Texas 2

Sandy Hamilton is a girl in desperate need of a bathroom. She and her friends Celia Ray and Daniella Monson are on their way back to college in Dallas after a staying at Daniella's family home in New Mexico for a week. Daniella finally pulls into Milly's Coffee Spot in Forever, Texas after a few snide and disparaging comments. Perhaps Sandy should have held it a bit longer when Daniella proposes a bet and goads Sandy into taking her up on it. Sandy was to seduce the very next unattached male that walked through the diner's door.

Brothers Luke and Will Braxton and their cousin Mark Colter walk through the diner's double doors together in search of their mate and zero in on the table of the beautiful women who are strangers in town. Let the fun begin. Daniella is about to learn the world does not revolve around her and her father's money.

When someone is out to harm their mate can the three men save her and keep her safe? More importantly can they convince her to accept them as her mates and stay when the time comes for the girls to leave town?

From the moment I opened this book nearly two years ago I wanted to slap stuck-up Daniella silly. I wanted to sit down and ask what in the world funny and pleasant Celia and gentile and kind Sandy were doing with such a foul witch. Of course Ms. Jamison's very inciting description of the three cowboys would have had me at least trying to garner some of their attention, but hey, from the sounds of it there are enough good looking unattached guys available in Forever, Texas to go around.

I fell in love with the true cowboy persona growing up in the wilds of south Florida farm and ranch country and have never got over it. I have also lived in the Texas valley area and visited the panhandle area and wished I had known of Forever, Texas back then.

Who could have known there were so many packs of were-beings out there that were so alluring? Jane Jamison has used her fertile imagination to dream up the cozy small town of Forever as well as a bunch of diverse and interesting characters to inhabit it. She has made them multidimensional so that they do not come across as cardboard cut outs.

What draws me to series books is that they revisit characters from previous books and you get to learn how their lives have changed along the way. This is the second book in Ms. Jamison's Werewolves of Forever, Texas series and it can be read as a standalone. But I recommend reading them in order to see how the stories inter-connect and the overall theme develops with each new story.

I enjoyed reading this story today as much as I did when I purchased it back in 2012. Pick up a copy for your own enjoyment and fall in love with Forever and the men and women who live there yourself. It will be a visit you will want to make often so do not loose your directions as it is not listed on your GPS device.

Book Blurb for Wild for Wolves

When Sandy Hamilton accepts a bet to pick up the first man to walk into Milly’s Coffee Spot, she never imagines three men would walk in at the same time. Picking up one man is hard enough for Sandy, but picking up three hotter-than-hell men is going way beyond her comfort zone. But she has no choice. She has to put up or shut up if she’s ever going to get her sexpot friend to back off. Luke Braxton, his cousin Will, and their friend, Mark Colter, recognize their future mate the first minute they set eyes on her. She’s everything they’ve dreamed of, but she’s not alone. Getting around one girlfriend is easy, but getting around her green-eyed treacherous friend puts them on guard. Can they convince Sandy to become their mate and accept a lifetime of love and midnight runs? Or will she bolt for good? Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among cousins.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.50