This novella is super-hot. I am surprised it doesn't spontaneously combust. The storyline is a little pushed, but it does have the good guy vs. bad agenda. It is a bit light on the romance side in the beginning, but it improves. Not a bad read at all. If you like steamy scenes, this book will give you some wonderful pointers on what to try at home.

Cammie Creek left the Sexy Toys company 20 years ago after a problem with Earl, the head salesperson. Now 20 years later Josh and Jode Midnight now own Sexy Toys and want to revive the business using a new line of solar powered adult toys. They see the pictures of Cammie from when she was the first model of the company 20 years prior. Earl, who still is smarted from Cammie refusing his advances, tells the Midnight brothers she is over her prime. Josh and Jode are drawn into a bet with the vile and creepy Earl. They want to get rid of Earl and can do so if they win. Earl bets them that they can’t get Cammie to do an assignment. Pleased to be getting rid of the man they accept. Earl counters with if he is right and they cannot get Cammie to do the shoot and complete it within the week the brothers will sign Sexy Toys over to him, lock, stock and barrel.

Cammie can’t believe she is in anyway involved with Sexy Toys after the way they treated her before. But the money is just too good to refuse. Especially since it is also agreed upon that she will have exactly zero contact with Earl. She is a bit nervous when she answers the door to find two gorgeous males standing there. She starts running off at the mouth, giving them little opportunity to explain.

Josh and Jode arrive at Cammie's home to tell her of a change of plans. They are now going to help with the shoot because their models and camera people have suddenly been unavailable to do the job. They believed Earl had something to do with it, but are determined to complete the job on time. When Cammie jumps to the wrong conclusion about them, they let it go. Then when they finally convince her they want more from her than just a model in a shoot the original lie stands between. What is the future of their relationship?

Who will win the bet? If they win, will Josh and Jode loose the woman of their dreams? The one they have waited a lifetime for? What will happen if and when Cammie finds out who the two twin brothers really are and how they deceived her?

Overall Rating: Good

Book Blurb for Toygasm

It’s a case of mistaken identity when identical twin brothers Josh and Jode Midnight, owners of Sexy Toys, show up for an erotic photo shoot of their toys with famous nude model Cammie Creek.

Cammie believes the two well-hung hunks are the men she’s supposed to pose with. Usually she doesn’t mix business with pleasure but when they’re seducing her right in front of the cameras and delivering the best orgasms she’s ever experienced, she can’t resist turning them into her personal sex toys.

Josh and Jode can’t get enough of Cammie—hot lust, sizzling toys and the best sex they’ve ever had. But how will she react when she discovers they’re actually her bosses and that they fell in love with her before they’d even met her?

A Romantica® contemporary ménage erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 4.00