The Wolf Within

Men of Passion, Colorado 3

Marc, Hank and Adam Shelton are three brothers who share more than just familial blood. They are also werewolves in search of a mate to share between them. They have all come to Passion, Colorado and taken positions as ranch hands at Roy Griffin's Cool Waters Dude Ranch. Although they are not thrilled with having to deal with the guest, they look at it as a means to an end. The end being traveling down to Mexico and forming a new pack of their own.

Then the brothers step in when a guest becomes physical with his girlfriend while on a trail ride. Marc intercedes when Doug Harmon strikes Stacey Willum a second time. When the group returns to the ranch, Harmon accuses Marc of attacking him unprovoked, even Stacey lies for him out of fear. Only Tatum, Roy's daughter stands up for him. The brothers take one look at her and know they have finally found their mate. The only cloud on their future is Harmon. When Tatum tries to help Stacey, Doug Harmon decides to teach Tatum to mind her own business. Then the secrets start coming out the woodwork. Can Tatum and her men survive the coming storm?

The sub-plot of "A Wolf Within" is verbal and physical abuse. Jane Jamison handles the subject frankly and realistically. As who has witnessed the destruction of this culturally hidden crime. Both the female lead and a supporting character are long time victims. Ms. Jamison shows us how the abuser makes the abused blame themselves. She also shows how each woman reacts and finally reaches the breaking point. Add to this a passionate love story and you have a very great novel to enjoy.

Once you pick up "A Wolf Within" you will not put it down. This is the third book in the Men of Passion, Colorado series. It is easily read as a standalone book. The many alpha personalities found in this authors books make them some of the most interesting stories to enjoy. Pick up one, two, three or more to enjoy on holiday or a long lazy weekend. Each and every one of her books are well worth your time. I’m look forward to reading book four, "Wolf Call" soon. Thank you Ms. Jamison for such an enjoyable afternoon.

Book Blurb for The Wolf Within

Marc, Adam, and Hank Shelton left their pack and moved to Passion to work on a dude ranch. They don't want trouble, but when a boyfriend roughs up his woman, they can't look away. Verbally abused by ex-lovers and even her mother, timid Tatum Griffin never expects to put her life in danger to protect anyone else. Somehow, she finds an inner strength she never knew existed. Hearing the girl's screams, Tatum rushes to help but gets trapped by the bully. Hope is fading until werewolves come to her rescue, terrifying the man and astounding her. Tatum's in for another surprise when her father reveals a family secret. But the secrets don't stop there. The Shelton men, the men she's fallen for, confess they, too, have a secret. Will Tatum forgive her father and her lovers for keeping secrets? Or will the secrets be too much for her to bear? Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 5.00