The Best Laid Plans

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The Best Laid Plans

Jesse Schroeder is recently divorced and has returned to her hometown of Riverport to put her life back together. She hopes to revive her writing career, but is finding life in a small home town like living in a fishbowl after the animosity of life in Saint Louis. Even more so after her friend is killed and their mutual gardener and friend, Willie a recovering alcoholic, is accused of the crime. When Jesse defends him on television criticism is quick to come from all fronts. Even Sheriff Keller, her high school crush is telling all evidence is pointing to Willie. Jesse decides it’s up to her to prove them wrong and Willie innocent. Then a bruised and battered body is pulled from the river. Jesse's involvement in the investigation of possible corruption in the city government and the murder places her life in danger. Will she be the next victim before she learns to trust in love again?

The Best Laid Plans is the first is a very active series. As Jesse re-establishes herself and regains her self-confidence she begins to appreciate her home town in a new way. As a small town girl myself I can understand her mixed emotions of wanting privacy and also enjoying the fact that everyone knows everyone and their pasts. Roots run deep in Riverport and so do its secrets. I enjoyed the strong characters and the many layered plot. There is a touch of romance with a lot of twists and turns that keep you guessing until Ms. Majerus ties all the threads together. Pick up your copy today and get better acquainted with Jesse Schroeder and the other residents of Riverport.

Book Blurb for The Best Laid Plans

"Sex, drugs, and murder--thank heavens we don't have to worry about that in Riverport." But Aunt Henrietta's claims prove to be premature.

Jessie Schroeder, fleeing from St. Louis after a devastating divorce, has returned to live in her hometown of Riverport, a small community on the bluffs of the Mississippi River. Her struggles to adjust to small town life and re-ignite her career as a successful author of children's books become secondary as she is thrust into the middle of a gruesome murder case.

Her involvement intensifies when her gardener and handyman, Willy Bachmann, is accused to the crime, and Jessie finds herself alone in defending him. Even Sheriff Gil Keller is convinced Willy is guilty. This is particularly galling to Jessie, because she and Gil are two-stepping their way around a fledging relationship.

When Willy is found dead, presumably the victim of a flash flood, the Sheriff announces "case closed." Jessie still refuses to believe Willy is a murderer and begins her own investigation. She soon irritates many townspeople, especially the Mayor and members of the powerful Industrial Development Authority (IDA), with her efforts to uncover evidence about the real killer. Starting with a single critical piece of evidence, Jessie uncovers a maze of political malfeasance, including a major scam involving the construction of a highway, which places her life in jeopardy. In her quest for truth, Jessie rediscovers her capacity to live and love again.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.00