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The 13th Floor Complete Collection

The Marquis - The 13th Floor series, #1

Marc was the greatest of all master demons, one of which legends were written. Marc retired when he grew tired of the death and destruction he wrought for his former employer. He has grown weaker over time and now can barely dispatch a minor minion without being physically drained. He is loosing his demon that he has suppressed so long and becoming a mere human. He has found a refuge in an apartment building which has a hidden 13th floor. The building itself decides who may enter and find its hidden floor. He was the first tenant and looks at his neighbors as being under his protection. The bright spot in his life is Mae, the owner operator of the diner just down from his apartment. Then Vetis, his old co-worker finds him and decides he wants to make points with the boss and bring him back into the fold. Suddenly all hell literally breaks loose on the streets of Carmine and Marc watches as his town burns around him. Can the love of a saint like Mae save him or is he doomed to be the right hand man to the devil himself forever.

The 13th Floor is the brainchild of Christine Rains and is a wonderful series written about a variety of different supernatural beings. This is part of what drew me to this series. The author has drawn a picture with her words so that the town to me sounds like a small town that is fighting to survive. It’s similar to many small towns that we have traveled through. The Marquis is a very quick read that flows very smoothly. It touches on the other residents of the 13th floor enough to keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for whatever Ms. Rains might come up with next. The characters are so well described you can imagine them as you read and to me that is one of the most important part of any book. Christina Rains' the Marquis may be a short read but she has managed to fit a whole hidden world in those few pages. "1301: The Marquis is the first in a series of books on that hidden world that exists within our own. Come and join her as she explores it. If you only read one book in this series this is the one as it lays the ground work for all the others.

The Alpha - The 13th Floor series, #2

What is really going on in the city? How is it that the 13th floor can hide itself from some people? This novella may only be 45 pages, but Christine packs quite a punch in those 45 pages.

Stephanie Porter is an alpha on the run, hiding out from her old pack. Stephanie inherited her pack upon the death of her father. She has run it fairly, watching out for all its members. Three lone wolves ask to join and she accepts them. Matt soon becomes involved with her sister Starr. Jane and Colin aren’t too bright, but they have muscles. Little does she realize they are there to infiltrate the pack to pave the way for Matt's brother Wyatt to take over. Shortly after Wyatt arrives he challenges Stephanie for the pack. Stephanie losses, but Wyatt doesn’t run her off. Instead he keeps her in the basement, beating her regularly. That is the best part of her stay in the basement. Wyatt wants her as a mate and doesn’t care if she wants him.

She eventually escapes and settles in Carmine. She finds a place to stay and works in the best butcher shop in town. It’s nice and close enough to the woods for some runs one in a while. She knows Wyatt and the others are close and has been hiding out in the apartment for weeks. Unable to stand it anymore she decides to chance it and go for a run to calm her nerves and for enjoyment. Unfortunately her old pack is running in the woods that night too. When Scott and June corner her a rogue wolf comes to her rescue. He shows her a way out and takes her to the edge of the woods.

This is an intriguing series about the residents that reside on the 13th floor of an apartment building. Follow Stacy as she comes to terms with her past and decides what is best for her and James. Should she challenge Wyatt knowing she will die if she fails or should she and James start a new pack forgetting about her sister forever?

This is a standalone book, but if you would like to learn about others on the 13th floor pick up 1301: The Marquis, 1303: The Dragon Slayer, 1304: The Harbinger. All of which are available now. 1305 & 1306: The Oracle and The Vampire should be available sometime in May 2013.

The Dragonslayer - The 13th Floor series, #3 - Room 1303

Xanthus "Xan" Ehrensvard, the last in a long line of dragon slayers, missed his target, Governor Randall Whittaker, presidential candidate and an ancient dragon. Xan has not missed a shot since he was a mere boy. Worse yet the old dragon has seen him. He breaks down his rifle and leaves. He goes down the elevator to the garage. Time is of the essence, the loop on the security camera will not last forever. The elevator stops short of the garage and a light flashes in his eyes. He reaches out to grab the camera phone. Lois King, a reporter covering the Governor's charity gala, tries retrieve her phone. After deleting the picture Lois takes another, then realizes he is the assassin trying to kill Whittaker. With Whittaker and his dragonkin on their tail Xan, Lois and her ferret hit the road to find the proof she wants and for Xan to plan his next, hopefully successful attack on Whittaker. Can Xan get Whittaker or will he get them?

"1303: Dragonslayer" is book 3 in Christine Rains 13th floor series. It’s a delightful and fast moving series the draws you into the hidden world of creatures that live among us. Take care before you get your neighbor mad at you next time. He could be a dragon, a demon or even death himself. This action packed series will keep you glued to your chair as you read each and every one and then read them again just to be sure you did not miss anything. There is not much bad to say other than to say that I wished the series was not about to close. But with a hidden floor Ms. Rains can return to Carmine apartment building with the hidden floor of apartments inhabited by persons that are not quite human. In some instances some are not even living.

Each book in this series can stand alone, but if you want the full view from all points of view I would recommend you start with book 1 "1301 The Marquis" and read them in order. Each book deals with a different paranormal being so you will get a variety to enjoy. Ms. Rains almost makes me wish I lived near Carmine. I am not brave enough to live in the actual town although it sounds so quaint and charming with a few worn edges.

The Harbinger - The 13th Floor, #4 - Room 1304

Meira Harper, lover of shoes, retriever of souls for the Greek god Zeus and resident of 1304 in a historic apartment building located on the main street in Carmine, Indiana. Nothing unusual about that, but you'll not find another apartment building that hides an entire floor from the public and other residents in the building and then decides who it will allow to reach and live on the 13th floor. If you are brave enough to live there and don't worry about who or what lives next to you, this might be the place for you. That is if the building accepts you. The town of Carmine may not make the best place to live, but you'll never be bored there. With demons, gremlins, werewolves, vampires and such living among the unaware humans you never no which day will be your last.

Meira's phone rings and a text comes through with the time, place and name of the next soul she is to retrieve. Her world is rocked, the soul she is to claim is none other than her boyfriend Sam. Zeus sees Sam as a hero of old and expected him to complete a quest just as they did. But Zeus and the other gods are just as they always have been, devious and willing to cheat. Will Sam survive the quests and win his boon? Will he still love and want to be with Meira if he does? Will her master, Zeus be willing to let her go with Sam if Sam does win?

Come to Carmine if you dare and read the story of a love like no other. I love this series. Each is a novella so that you can read them quickly in between waiting in the doctor's office, waiting outside the ballet studio, waiting for a class to dismiss or just lounging outside trying not to burn in the sun. Each book brings you a different paranormal being to learn to love or hate, depending on your preferences. I personally have not found one I did not come to love and want to see them get their happy ending.

The Harbinger is book four in the ongoing 13th Floor series by Christine Rains. Book five, "The Oracle and the Vampire" is available for download now if you want to find out more of the residents of the 13th Floor. Each book could be read alone but I recommend reading all the books in order to get the full story. I've come to love this series and know that other paranormal fans will as well. I hope you will enjoy this delightful series as much as I did. Which room will you choose next?

The Oracle & the Vampire - The 13th Floor, #5

By day Harriett is in her natural form, a beautiful young woman, a gifted nurse and healer. But at night a faerie's curse causes her to turn into an old crone who cries of the deaths that are about to come in the form of a banshee. Harriett lives in apartment 1305 on the hidden 13th floor of a building in Carmine, Indiana. Carmine is a town over run with paranormal beings hiding among the humans. Her neighbor in 1306, Kiral, is a vampire whom she has loved for the last three years. But he has never seen her during the day, so all he sees is the old crone. He calls her grandmother. Marc in 1301 is a demon, Stephanie in 1302 is a werewolf, Xan in 1303 is a dragon slayer, and you get the drift of the residents on the 13th floor.

Harriett despairs of ever getting Kiral to see her for herself and return her love. All that changes one day when she has a vision of Kiral on a rooftop chained as the dawn approaches. In grief she rushes out to cry like the banshee she is of his death as the sun burns him. Grieving for a love she cannot save she decides to warn Kiral to stay in his apartment. Maybe this time she can save someone. Meeting Kiral in the stairwell unexpectedly Harriett tries to tell him of his fate, but words do not come. She does know he is starving and offers herself. Kiral takes her up on her offer, but is barely able to restrain himself from draining her dry. How does Harriett tell Kiral that she is both the young woman and the old crone? How will Kiral react if he finds out? Can Harriett save Kiral when she could not save others before him?

This wonderful series comes to us from the fertile imagination of the author Christine Rains. Her words brought the town of Carmine and its residents to life for me. Each new novella that comes out has me putting out the Do Not Disturb sign so that I can enjoy it in blessed quiet. If you have not read one of this series yet you have a treat in store for you. Be on the lookout because it will not be long before Christine Rains is giving Sherrilyn Kenyon and Christine Feehan a run for the crown of Queen of the Paranormal Realms.

This is the fifth installment of the 13th Floor series. This is a series that although the books could be read as individual stories it is truly best to read it starting with book one and continuing in order. Book one, "The Marquis" is free, all others are only $.99 each on Amazon. Barnes and noble has each of the five books for $.99 each.

If you like a paranormal read this is definitely a series to add to you TBR list. Book 6 will be out soon. Christine Rains has stated the final installment, "The Ghost". It will be out July 2013 and I for one can hardly wait. Catch up on the others to get ready for it. It should be spectacular. Does it show I was bowled over by this series? These are very quick reads, but don't dismiss their impact. Christine Rains brings her vision of the others that live unnoticed among us to life with her words and you will look at those around you in a whole new light.

The Ghost - The 13th Floor, #6

Chiharo Black once again tried to get Harriet, the Banshee, to notice her or at least to hear her, but to no avail. No one has seen or spoken to her in over 30 years, since she was pushed over the 18th floor rail and plunged to her death. Now she only has the pets from the unique building with the magical 13th floor located in Carmine, Illinois.

Chiharo follows Harriet into the stairwell and stops as she notices Kiral, the vampire, meeting Harriet for the first time. During one part of the day Harriet is an old crone and the other a young woman. At this point, Harriet is her young natural self instead of the old crone. Will it be love at first sight? Oh, no! It's not, but it might be death at first bite as Harriet offers herself to him. Kiral feeds until he must force himself away from her before he kills her and prepares to flee to his apartment.

Suddenly there is a gray blur that launches itself toward Kiral telling him to get away from her. The blur passes through them and goes unnoticed by both Kiral and Harriet. The blur goes to follow Kiral telling him he is going to kill him. Chiharo orders him to leave Kiral alone. The blur turns to Harriet in shock and then draws near her to ask how it is she can see and hear him. No one has acknowledged him, Jeremy, in 5 years. Chiharo tells him they are both ghosts, so of course they can communicate, although Jeremy Emerson is a little black and white while Chiharo is color-vision. She asks him why he wants to kill Kiral and Jeremy tells her it is because Kiral killed him. Jeremy asks Chiharo to help him get his revenge so he can be released to move on. He has been forced to follow Kiral everywhere since he died. Chiharo refuses and Jeremy goes in search of Kiral. Then the deaths began. Is the killer Jeremy or is there something new stalking the residents?

This is Ms. Rains’ final installment in the 13th floor series. I am so sorry to see it end, but she does it with a bang. Imagine watching the corporeal beings go about their lives without being able to interact. What would you do if you could be invisible to everyone? Could you stay sane with the isolation? Would you be willing to destroy the first being to communicate with you in 30 years to save the hundreds of others that do not even know you exist? I personally have no answers for those questions, but Ms. Rains gives us a heroine that is made of sterner stuff than I. Being able to see how the other residents of the 13th floor are doing after the chaos of the other books was a beautiful closure of all the Night of Hell loose ends. This story is very fast moving and you dread seeing the end come. My one complaint is there will be no book 7. Who knows maybe Ms. Rains will take pity one day and return to the 13th Floor.

This could be read as a standalone and be amply satisfying, but if you are like me you will want to read the entire series starting with book 1, 1301: The Marquis. Each book adds a little more to the overall story, but is not required to enjoy and understand any of the other books. Sit back and enjoy. If you have been reading the series wish your friends of the 13th floor a fond farewell for now because you will now need to read the series again and again. If you are just now starting the series I envy you the joy of meeting all the residents of the 13th floor for the first time and becoming friends. Ms. Rains, I will be looking for your other novellas. Your style of humor, drama and romance rolled all into one compact story is a surprise present to be unveiled each time you open a new book. Thank you and I ask you reconsider the end of the series. Maybe later down the road...

Book Blurb for The 13th Floor Complete Collection

Six supernatural tenants

Living in a haunted apartment building

On a floor that doesn't exist.

Six novellas telling their tales.

A retired demon acquires a price on his head.

A werewolf is hunted by her pack.

A modern day dragonslayer misses his target.

A harpy challenges Zeus for the soul of the man she loves.

A vampire is obsessed with a young woman he can't find.

A banshee falls in love with someone whose death she has seen in a vision.

And a sweet ghost must battle a primal monster to save them all.

All the stories take place at the same time intertwining their lives together on the 13th Floor.

Includes the new short story, "The Shadow."

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.50