Tempted by Two Angels

Notorious Nephilim 3

Hired as a night club singer for the Lilith Playground Resort, Caleigh Kensington arrives and soon responds to the mutual attraction with Hugh Fallon and Sterling Neville, two of the owners of the resort. Caliegh changes men like the wind changes direction. Hugh and Sterling were drawn to Caleigh from the moment they laid eyes on her. Both ignored the unwritten rule about owners dating the staff. Each of them are in love with Caleigh and she with them, but none were willing to admit it to the others.

Caleigh learns of Sterling and Hugh’s true backgrounds and the curse placed on all the owners of the resort. She must decide if she can accept them and all that comes with them. When a previous lover dies in the war she decides she cannot hurt Hugh and Sterling the way she has the men in her past and leaves them hoping time and distance will ease the pain of losing them. Sterling and Hugh refuse to let her run away and go in search of her. Can Caleigh trust her heart where it concerns Hugh and Sterling? Can Sterling and Hugh convince her their feelings are real as are hers? Will Lilith's revenge continue to hold the men of Lilith's playground in her grip or can Sterling and Hugh find happiness and a future with the one woman who can save them?

Set around 1939 during a time of war, shortages and indulgences of the rich gives you a peak at what life could have been like. Caleigh's struggle to keep her own identity strikes a chord in the reader as each of us has at some time and in some way to assert ourselves while our surroundings demand we conform. I enjoyed my adventure into the world of the Nephilim, fallen, but not irredeemable. With each page Ms. Rosewood pulls you into a world of pleasures indulged and fantasies fulfilled. The love scenes all but light fire to pages with their passions and the humorous dialog offsets the serious parts of the story line to form a novel that is so much fun to read.

Easily read as a standalone in the series I still recommend that you read the other books, starting with book 2 as it is the one preceding this one, then book 4. These are the ones set in the past and then book 1, followed by 5 and finish with book 6. Each stands alone and is an exceptional read, together they are a series to be savored and enjoyed. Pick up a copy today!

Book Blurb for Tempted by Two Angels

Caleigh Kensington runs through men like water. But when she seduces two owners of the exclusive resort where she’s just been hired as a nightclub singer, she does the unthinkable by falling in love…with both of them. Can she overcome their secret and finally commit to a lasting relationship? Hugh Fallon and Sterling Neville have never met anyone like Caleigh. Fun, talented, and sexy, they willingly give their bodies and their hearts to her. But what will happen when she discovers they’re Nephilim, and the only way for them to gain a chance at redemption is for Caleigh to choose them? When Caleigh leaves the resort, convinced she’s only going to hurt Hugh and Sterling the way she’s hurt so many other men, Hugh and Sterling set off to find her. Can they convince her to stay with them and finally take a chance on love, or will they lose her forever?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.00