Stardust Miracle

Miracle Interrupted, #2

"A Miracle Is Coming", the message is spelled out on the windshields of the cars in the church parking lot of United Community Church of Miracle, Wisconsin. Becky Diedrich, pastor’s wife and member of the village board, reads the message with very little interest. She compares her life to the space between the words, empty. Something has to happen to pull her out of her apathy.

When the Village Board meeting ends early the first time in 2 years Becky decides to surprise her husband. Maybe the miracle is for her. Perhaps tonight she will conceive. Not finding her husband Jim home she heads to the church to surprise him at his office. Wearing her trench coat over a sexy negligee she takes off her shoes so Jim will not hear her approach. Becky flings open the door and finds that she is the one surprised. Jim on the couch being pleasured by one of his parishioners. Seeing her husband’s phone on his desk she grabs it and takes pictures of him and Diana and runs. She runs to her sister Sarah. Where does she go from here? How does she rebuild her life and find out who she is?

Once again we return to Miracle, Wisconsin with a population of less than 700. Miracle is a small town with a heart bigger than Texas.

Sadly this episode about Miracle highlights the issue of infidelity. The straying spouse turns the fault on the injured party. Friends and family choose sides and not always the right one. I am constantly surprised by Ms. Ramer's ability to bring social issues into the spotlight of a story while still telling a beautiful love story at the same time. I look forward to each new visit to Miracle and this one no less than any that came before. I learned more about the residents from previous books and feel like I am visiting old friends.

My favorite scene is where Becky catches Jim and Diana. It was no hardship to imagine the scene in my mind’s eye as the couple are in a state of undress trying to hurry into their clothes and literally falling all over themselves to get the phone back. I was laughing so hard and wishing she had run him over with the car as she drove away.

Pick up Stardust Miracle today. As with all the books in the series Stardust can be read as a stand-alone, but like myself you would enjoy reading the others to get a broader picture of Miracle and its resident’s interactions. If you haven't read them yet, look for the others in the Miracle Interrupted series - Book 1 Must Worship Cats, Book 3 Miracle Lane, Book 4 Miracle Pie and the latest offering Book 5 Mo's Heart.

Book Blurb for Stardust Miracle

A miracle is going to happen...

Becky Diedrich is the cheesemaker's daughter.

The minister's wife.

The good sister.

What she's not is her own woman.

What she can't be is a mother.

And then she catches her husband with another woman.

And she moves in with her sister.

And she starts to see sparkles.

And this is just the beginning...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50