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Sherry's Wolf

After the Crash

Sherry of the Plane Women is her name. Sherry has gotten used to the name she is called by the members of the pack and residents of Kearney, Nebraska. Even months after the plane crash she feels she must be living a nightmare. After all how can you board a plane in 2014 and have it literally crash in 2064.

Sherry’s husband died in the crash. She suffered physical and mental abuse at his hands and now trusts no man, nor wants one. But what of Jumping Stag who keeps saying she is his mate. Especially when the man is not really human, but part human and part wolf. Sherry who was severely injured in the crash is frightened by Stag's wolf when the pack arrives to help the survivors. Stag tries to explain to Sherry about the Times Before and the Woman Killer Plague. The survivors were taken down to compound outside of Kearney before the winter snow comes. After reading a romance book given to him by Taye from the Time Before, Stag decides to kidnap Sherry and take her to a cabin so Sherry will be forced to get to know him. He promises that at the end of one week if she declines his claiming he will leave her and never return, but she must give him a chance.

If you like shape shifter stories, wolves in particular you will enjoy the time spent reading the After the Crash series. Ms. Barone throws in more than a few surprises to keep you on your toes. Although the times are hard and dangerous you will find yourself laughing at parts of the book. My favorite part is the romance books Taye keeps giving pack members to read so they can learn how to romance a woman. Can you imagine your husband using an old bodice ripper type Gothic novel to win your heart? NOT! But it is funny. Especially when Carla, the Alpha human female from 2014, learns what her husband is doing. This is a novella and is shorter than the others in the series, but it still holds its own easily without cheating the reader of a smooth flowing storyline. You are given a full bodied story with well-rounded characters.

Sherry and Stag are destined mates according to Stag, but will Sherry let go of her fears long enough to see if he is right. Can she accept his wolf? Stag loves her and desires her happiness above all else. Even if that means letting her go. Sherry's Wolf can be read as a standalone novella and be great, but if you want a fantastic story start with Book 1 - Sleeping With the Wolf, Book 2 - Wolf's Glory and book 3 - Wolf Tracker and work your way through the series and don't forget book 4 the most recent book in the series, Eddie's Prize. As I have said before I truly believe a series is only improved by reading a series from the beginning for background and character development to be better explained. Once you read one of the After the Crash books you will be sure to want to read them all.

Book Blurb for Sherry's Wolf

When a plane crashes fifty years in the future, the survivors learn:

1. Nuclear war destroyed the world they knew.

2. Plague has reduced the female population to a pitiful few and every woman is worth her weight in gold.

3. Werewolves are more than mere legend and they want mates.

Sherry Rowe is one of those survivors and Jumping Stag of the Lakota Wolf Clan is one of these wolves. When the scary wolf turns into a gorgeous naked man and claims her as his mate, Sherry refuses him. But the word No isn't in a wolf's vocabulary when he has found his mate. Stag has spent three months being patient and gentle while he tries to persuade Sherry to accept him. But his patience has limits and if gentle wooing doesn't work, Sherry will find out how far a wolf will go to claim his mate.

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Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50