Playing with Fire

Ecstasy, Colorado 1

Jane Silver came from a home that to call it dysfunctional was to put it mildly. It has been more than eight years since her abusive drunkard of a father ran off with any money they had, leaving her and her mother a pile of debt and bruises to heal. The town of Ecstasy is not about to let her and her mother forget their past. Now the loss of brain function has made her agree to a date with Trevor Lane. He wasn't taking no for an answer during his drunken advances. As she walked home along the side of the road who should drive up but none other than her best friends, the Holden Twins, Rys and William. They had watched over her and kept her safe since she was a small child. When they catch Trevor outside the bar mouthing off about Jane they teach him the manners his parents should have and give him a few bruises to remind him to never lay a hand on Jane again.

Rys and William have loved Jane forever. First as a little sister and now as the woman they want to protect and share. Only they are afraid they will lose her if they tell her they want more than friendship. Jane is afraid to tell them that her love has changed and matured over the years. She is afraid that they, like the rest of the town will think her nothing more than white trash and unworthy of their friendship or notice. All that changes one day and the trouble quickly follows in the form of slurs and lies. Can their love survive the past that Jane has hidden from the twins or will the twins past sexual encounters come back to tear them apart?

Playing with Fire is just like Jenika Snow's other stories. In a word fantastic. She has offered us a scenario when we can sympathize with Jane. Most of us have something in our past we rather stay hidden. Our hearts often lead us where society says we should not venture. Overcoming obstacles in the name of love is something that pulls at our hearts and Ms. Snow is a genius at tugging at our heartstrings. She gives us stories with conflict, hidden secrets and a romance that will all but burn the pages as you read them. Pick up a copy today to warm up your quiet time. This book may even give you a few ideas to try out.

Sensual Level: Explicit

Book Blurb for Playing with Fire

Ecstasy, Colorado, a town full of beauty and secrets...

Jane Silver has a past that rivals horror stories, but she prevails, because with the Holden twins by her side she knows she can get through anything. The only problem is she loves not one brother, but both.

Two brothers in love with the same woman...

William and Rys Holden, twins, have been in love with Jane since they were young. But the brothers know she deserves so much more than what they can give her. With one brother reserved and the other the town playboy, a platonic relationship is the safest for all of them. But soon the three are involved in a love triangle with no intent on stopping. When a scandal threatens their newfound relationship, the brothers will do anything to make sure nothing stands in the way of claiming Jane Silver as theirs.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, light bondage, public exhibition

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50